Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14, 2011 – Book Review: Before I Died by Sara Marx

Before I Died by Sara Marx

Published by: Bella Books

Summary on the Back of the Book:

“Laney Cavallo had a charmed life. Two wonderful kids and the love of the best woman she’d ever known—after years of unhappiness, she had it all.

Then the one evil in her life that she couldn’t shed finally did his worst: after years of blackmailing her into silence, her power-drunk ex-husband has made her silence permanent. Now she can’t warn her beloved Mara that he plans to come after her next, and that even the kids aren’t safe.

Unfinished business, undying love and the burden of her own complicity drive Laney to take action, hoping it’s not too late to save the people she loves. It would be easier if she weren’t already dead...”

Review: 4 out of 5 stars

The story has an interesting premise; it’s told from the point of a woman who has been killed by her ex-husband.  We’re introduced to her after she’s died and throughout the story we watch her come to terms with the realization that she is dead and the unraveling of the mystery of “why” she was killed.  The “why” is really fascinating more so because it takes into account how every action or decision a person makes has a ripple effect and often unanticipated consequences.  As a result, we watch as Laney attempts to correct some of these consequences from beyond the grave.

I really enjoyed this book and will have to check out her next one “Decoded”

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