Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October 5, 2011 – Rambling

When did that happen?  Wasn’t it just September?  I have to give the beast his heart worm pills.  I have to file my Sales and Use tax.  What perchance am I selling and who is using it?  Wouldn’t you like to know?!

How is it that I can run.. ok fine… jog.. slowly… 3 miles but after 45 seconds of jumping rope my heart wants to explode out of my chest?  Oh and I had to work up to 45 seconds.  Do you remember jumping rope as a kid?  It was fun and I do not remember any heart exploding experiences.

Toby Lightman’s “Take My Hand” : a very good song.

Chaz Bono’s “Transition” so far it’s very interesting.  It’s written in a style that makes you feel like you are having a conversation, well less the getting to ask questions thing.  Is anyone watching Chaz on DWTS?  I’m hoping he sticks around for awhile.  He just looks like he is really enjoying himself, well except for the horribly painful knees thing.

I twisted my knee last night.  The whole screaming, leaping out of bed, and running thing can be hazardous.  I’m also curious to know if my downstairs neighbors got a little adrenalin rush from the experience.  L sure did.  How that woman hasn’t had a heart attack from these random episodes is a wonder.  Which also makes me wonder if he neighbors wonder if L is killing me when I scream like that?  How do you say in German: “If I scream once or twice like someone is killing me, don’t worry about it; but, if I KEEP screaming that might be a problem.”

 At least it hasn’t happened in awhile.  Well I don’t think the screaming/running part has happened in awhile.  Oh and does the beast even wake up for these events?  No.  He just keeps sleeping safely tucked in his crate.

Alright time to work. Happy Wednesday

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  1. I myself can not relax my legs at nite, if i do they both pop out and the pain is unbearable... I feel you. :-( Also my dogs couldn't care less ;-)

  2. The beast sleeping through your night terror is way better than him racing down the hall in front of you and peeing the whole way because you terrified him. L needs to do what I used to do ... stay up late until after you've woken up screaming. Just for old times sake pretend I'm yelling at you during your night terror "There is no spider!!" Love, Your Favorite Sister ( the night owl who was afraid to fall asleep before

  3. Asleep before you. Am I limited to a certain number of characters? I don't know what happened there.

  4. Oh hun... I wish I could take those away from you.....

    And BTW, I ADORE your sister.

    Have you ever tried a food diary? I have noticed my nightmares have gone away as long as I stay on diet... the days when I slip... nightmares.