Monday, October 3, 2011

October 3, 2011 - Nervous Twitch

I woke up this morning with that nervous eye/twitchy eyelid thing going on.  I haven't taken any time to study what it actually looks like but based on the feeling I'm assuming it's manifesting itself in one of two ways:

(a) I look like I am randomly winking at... well everyone, but not that sexy 'come hither' wink.  More the I can't quite control the wink and hope I don't look like a loon.
(b) A twitchy crack addict as they come off the drugs, as depicted on TV.  The kind where the person looks all nervous and their eye is twitchy and at any moment they might have a hallucinatory break with reality.

I did walk to the grocery store this morning and I didn't see any mothers pulling their small children across the street away from me, so maybe it's not "b" .  Then again, I didn't actually see any mothers with small children so my logic might be a little flawed.

I've got alot of work I have to get done this week, because we're heading to the US on Saturday to spend some time with the family.  Yeah!  Then midweek we are heading to P-Town for a few days for Women's Week.  If your'e in P-town 10/13 - 10/15 and you want to catch up, look us up.  We are definately looking forward to picking up some new books.

Happy October and Happy Monday.  May the eye twitchy thing pass you by.

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  1. lol It is annoying though...even when my arm is twitching also

  2. I hate when I get those lol:) Have fun in P-town while you're home