Friday, October 28, 2011

October 28, 2011 – International Margarita Day

Not today folks, tomorrow.  Unless of course you want to celebrate both days, then have at it.  Oh and how do I know that tomorrow is International Margarita Day? “Because I said so”; isn’t that what our Mothers’ used to say?  The“because I said so part” not the International Margarita Day part; although, they may have said that out of little children’s earshot.  In fact, I would bet money that my Mom may have declared it Margarita Day on more than one occasion, and justifiably so.  There were three of us running around, me, my older brother and my twin sister.  Let’s just say the household was not quiet or calm.  I recall my Mom telling us a story about when my sister and I were little.  We were down the hall playing in our room, when things got a little too quiet.  It seems that children and quiet are a sign that bad things are happening.  She came down the hall, opened our bedroom door and found us gleefully shaking the baby powder all over the room.  Everything was covered and there was a cloud of white.  I personally don’t recall this event, but Mom said that after she cleaned us and the room up she safely put the baby powder on the highest shelf in the bathroom so we couldn’t get into any more trouble with that little game.  Apparently, not only are we twins but we are also monkeys.  We must have climbed the toilet to the sink counter so we could reach the powder, because shortly thereafter Mom checked on us again and found us gleefully reenacting the powder fight.

Of course none of that explains why I have declared tomorrow “International Margarita Day.”  Let me explain:  Yesterday could best be described as a “craptastic” day.  It was just one long day of desperately trying to get a server/database to play nice.  I know you don’t care about the details.  Let’s just say it was frustrating and I will be attempting another solution shortly.  Anyway, I couldn’t have a Margarita yesterday, I also can’t have one today.  So tomorrow it is.  As for the International part; I have friends in the US and I don’t like to drink alone.  So if at noon tomorrow you would raise a glass in toast it will be 6pm her in Switzerland and I can toast as well.  Come to think of it, I think Switzerland switches the clocks back an hour this weekend.  Another valid reason to toast: an extra hour of sleep.  Yea Me.

So here’s to a better than craptastic day and Margarita’s on the weekend.

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  1. I'll raise a glass with you. Love, Your Favorite Sister

  2. Oh sure.... plan this when I am not allowed margaritas....

    I shall raise a tequila shot with you... or a rum shot or something.