Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24, 2011 – Rip Van Winkle

After this weekend I am officially changing my designation to Rip Van Winkle or “Winkle Bunny” depending on how well you know me.  In the grand scheme of things I can state with a high level of certainty that I slept the majority of the weekend away.  The beast was even kind enough to let me sleep until 9:30 am both Saturday and Sunday before he made me get up and take him outside.  Sure 9:30 on Saturday doesn’t sound as if I slept the “entire” day away.  That is until I tell you that I went immediately back to bed after our excursion and proceeded to sleep until 1:00 pm.  I was slightly less of a slug on Sunday.  I got up in the morning.  Made a pot of chili for dinner and then rented “The Children’s Hour” starring Audrey Hepburn and Shirley MacLaine.  Now I have to admit I like old movies…. One of my favorites is Stage Door… I wonder if iTunes has that one.  Anyway, I’ve gotten off track.

The 1961 movie is based on a play written by Lillian Hellman and centers around two women, Martha Dobie (Shirley MacLaine) and Karen Wright (Audrey Hepburn) who have started a school for girls.  After two years of getting the school off the ground they are just beginning to see financial success.  As a result, Karen Wright, who has been engaged for the last two years to Joe Cardin (James Gardner) feels like she can set a date to be married.

Of course this is when all hell breaks loose.  There is a young girl at the school named Mary (Karen Balkin) who can best be described as a bully and a brat spreads a lie that Martha and Karen are in a lesbian affair.  Needless to say the accusation blossoms and destroys the careers and lives of the three main characters.

The young girl who played Mary…. I hated her; seriously hated her.  I will put that down to very good acting on her part because if I could have reached through the monitor I would have smacked the daylights out of her.  However, it makes me wonder what happened to Karen Balkin after the movie was released.  Did people hate that character so much that they hated “her”?

They (whomever “they” are) are bringing the play back to the stage in January 2012 in London’s West End.  Starring Keira Knightly and Elisabeth Moss.

So that’s how I spent my weekend.  Sleeping.  How was yours?

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  1. It is a great movie, I always thought that this movie was very advanced for the time and very daring.