Friday, October 21, 2011

October 21, 2011 – Ramblings

Oh the critical nature of things.  Once again I am torn between getting my hair cut and… not.  Why I even bother with such musings is beyond me.  We both know that I’m going to get my haircut.

When we were in P-Town one of the things I enjoyed the most was the diversity of the women; and there were quite a few women in my age group.  Plus a few older couples (late 60’s) that were just fantastic to see walking down the sidewalk hand in hand.

I definitely have a cold and I am starting to boarder on that “sexy operator” voice.  However, I have no illusions to the fact that it will stay sexy for about a minute and then will quickly cross into the 100 year old cigar smoking, whiskey drinking, old woman voice.  Good Times
In honor of my cold I am on a soup kick.  Last night: chicken noodle.  Tonight: Curry Lentil.

Colds also make me think of comfort food, which makes me think or tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.  Since I’m not going to make tomato soup it also makes me think of macaroni and cheese. 

Ironically, colds do not make me think of chocolate.

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  1. I have that same cold. Just came back to work after several days off for the specific purpose of coughing on every one who called me while home sick and mocked my voice.