Saturday, October 15, 2011

October 15, 2011 – Provincetown Saturday Update

The Sun Will Come Out….Today!!! Yes the sun has finally arrived here in PTown.  It’s a little windy but otherwise a beautiful day.  We’ve continued our trek of attending book signings and introducing ourselves to authors.  I have no doubt that they will forget who we are within about 15 minutes.  However, they are doing a FANTASTIC job of making believe that they remember our faces along with the 100’s of other women who have introduced themselves over the last week.  I’m all about delusional thinking so it works for me.

We met Georgia Beers this afternoon and it was a pleasure to briefly speak with her.  It’s weird I’m mentally torn between thinking that these authors are intimidating and don’t want to deal with readers and thinking that they are only too happy to interact with readers.  It turns out that they really are very happy to have you recognize them and to chat for a few minutes.

We also met Sally Bellerose, w.ho as written a variety of short stories but has just had her 1st novel published: “The Girls Club.”  It was funny listening to the differences between how Sally constructed her story versus Georgia.  Georgia is very structured, and although she knows of certain specific events that will happen throughout her story she starts writing at the beginning and then moves through the story and events in sequence.  Since this is Sally’s 1st novel she hasn’t quite gotten a formal plan that she follows but she did say that she wrote the last chapter 1st and then went back to the beginning to write the rest of the story.

Finally, we met Andrea Myers whose 1st novel “The Choosing” was just released.  She’s a Jewish Rabbi who writes a column for the Huffington Post, and is very funny.  Well at least in person she is funny.  I still have to read her book to verify that it translates to paper that way.

After meeting all these authors and having L encourage me to actually speak with them, I have a new goal.  I’d like to be a beta reader.  Note to self.  Follow-up on how to do that.

General Saturday Notes: A Fun Time is being had ;)

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