Friday, October 14, 2011

October 14, 2011 – Provincetown Women’s Week

The weather has quite cooperated with us but L and I are having a good time.  We’ve attended a couple of book signings/readings and we attended a “meet and greet” hosted by one of the publishers.  That was fun because we got to meet a few of the authors that I’ve been reading and we meet a new author who has just had her 1st book published; Ashley Bartlett.  She was a pleasure to speak with and to hear her perspective on how she writes and what inspired her to become a writer. 

We also met Carsen Taite, who has written several stories that I have really enjoyed and would highly recommend: The Best Defense, Nothing But The Truth, Do Not Disturb.  She was very personable and seemed to be genuinely interested in speaking with us.

Of course sometimes meeting the author isn’t necessarily a good thing.  I’ve read one or two books written by Nell Stark, but after having met her I doubt I’ll be reading more.  Of course, if the blurb is good enough I might overlook the fact that she came across as being extremely arrogant, maybe she was just having a bad day… or maybe I’m just old.

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