Thursday, September 8, 2011

September 8, 2011 - 9/11 10 Years later

I wanted to finish that title with "and I still want to punch someone in the face."

I’m a little surprised that I am going to blog about this topic, and I will say it’s probably the only time I will.  Being in Switzerland, I’m fairly well insulated from all the 10 year anniversary things that are going on in the US but I still encounter quite a bit on the web and in news streams.  Today I saw a headline “Conspiracy Theories of 9/11.”  I’ll blame that headline for this rant.

For the last 10 years my reactions to news clips and commentary have been consistent.  I get emotional; I don’t have any desire or need to “watch” news clips or photos from that day.  I don’t need to.  I saw them on that day and several days afterward.

No I was not in NYC when the planes crashed.  I was in Danbury, CT working in the Union Carbide building.  I was in a meeting with my boss when someone interrupted to say that a plane hit one of the towers.  Yes, we all had the same reaction, it was an accident and we continued on with our meeting.  Then we were interrupted again to find out that it was not an accident: far from it.  I had friends who worked in the building, fortunately mine were not inside when the first plane struck.  I think if you live in the Tri-State (CT, NY, NJ) area, it’s impossible to meet someone who doesn’t have some connection to that tragedy.  Regardless I think my reaction would still be the same to the events would be the same.  It was horrible, heart wrenching and to this day it’s still unfathomable to me.

We closed the office, no one could even imagine attempting to work.  The next few weeks there were fighter jets flying overhead circling NYC and the surrounding airspace.  Work was close enough to the boarder that you would occasionally see one making it’s loop.  It wasn’t really comforting, at least not to me.

I’ll also admit that it’s a really good thing I’ve never been in a position to have access to the mythical “red button” because I would have pushed it without a moment’s hesitation or remorse.  Hell, you might have hated President Bush but you should seriously be grateful that there wasn’t a President CAB at the time.  I’m not sure what would be left of the world if I’d been in charge but you can bet there would be a giant parking lot where the Middle East used to be.  At least that’s what my imagination says.  I have a vindictive/vengeful streak.  It takes a bit to push the right trigger to get me there.  Ten years later 9/11 still has that capacity for me and on those rare occasions when I encounter some university student carrying a sign or talking about how the US government was behind the attack I manage to cross the street because what I really want to do is smack them senseless.  Then again, as far as I am concerned they are already senseless. 

Oh and if you are going to leave a comment to tell me that “of course the Government was involved” I’m just going to delete it so don’t waste your time.

Now I'm going to go back to happy thoughts of road trips.  Thank you for indulging me

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  1. I wish there had been a President CAB back then. God knows we need more parking, more than we need a bunch of eastern psychos.

  2. Well unfortunately we seem to have quite a few psychos in the west as well.

  3. No arguments from me.

    Have a great holiday!! Driving sounds like a fun adventure. Take lots of pictures please!

  4. I can't wait until next week so I don't have to revisit that feeling on a constant basis. They are currently trying to scare us with constant talk of possible terror threats on the 11th. And it works - I am scared. Gf works a block away from there and I am beyond relieved that it lands on a Sunday so I can keep her away from that area...and Manhattan in general.

  5. Sweet Cab;
    I had the TV on in the background that Sunday morning...
    They had much to say though the songs still get to me when I hear them-
    A few of the commentors- when I was in this room, were heartfelt- esp from the children...

    BUT... I have not been able to even watch a newscast since that Sunday. Not even the local news; and again, I wasn't really *in* the room...
    Go figure.


  6. Oh- and I do question the parking lot... But I am thinking it would have saved us upwards of 10,000 lives too.