Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September 6, 2011 – Not So Silent Scream

Is it just me or can everyone hear the scream that is reverberating through my head?  It’s not like I am upset or anything.  Far from it, we’re gearing up for our road trip vacation next week and things are looking hunky dory.  (Where did that phrase come from).  Still, I can feel it, that slightly maniacal itchy feeling that starts behind your eyes and slowly creeps out into random disjointed thoughts.  If it gets too quite in the office and for some reason there were another himn being hanging about with a stethoscope stuck to my head they would hear it… the scream.  It starts out slow and quite, maybe like a giggle and quickly ratchets up in volume and ends with a shriek of …. Well I haven’t defined that last part yet.

I think, however, that I can pinpoint the cause.  It’s a cross between being psyched about the road trip and trying to get all of my work ducks in a row before we head out.  Maybe getting ducks in a row isn’t an apt enough analogy, herding cats might be more appropriate.

Oh and how did I spend my weekend when all of this is going on?  Relaxing and reading.

I finished Chris Culver’s “The Abby (a full-length suspense thiller).” Seriously that is the title, and because I read Lynn Galli’s Uncommon Emotions” last week and got totally addicted to her writing and the “Virginia Crew” I had to read the rest of the series:

Wasted Heart

Imagining Reality

Blessed Twice and


Yes I know, get a life but it was fun.  I’ll try and write reviews for all of them in the next couple of days.  Next up “The Hunger Games”

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  1. ummm? What? I lost my train of thought when I read that other comment.

  2. I mean little blessed topeka up there.

  3. Oh, I was going to say..... I didn't hear your scream, it was drowned out by the one in my head.