Monday, September 5, 2011

September 5, 2011 - The Continuing Tax Saga

You might be wondering how I am spending my rainy wet labor day.  You'll never guess, that's right doing my taxes.  Taxes???  How can I be once again doing my 2010 taxes.  It seems its a pox on my life.  Seriously, isn't everyone already well done with this nightmare.  I swear by the time I'm well and free of my 2010 taxes I'll be starting my 2011.  Seriously, can someone shoot me?

What I'm doing isn't even difficult, I'm trying to reconcile what the accountants did to what I did in Turbo Tax.  We needed the accountants to figure out what I owed Switzerland in taxes which gives me something called a foreign tax credit.  Oh don't be mistaken, I still owe the US money because lord knows Congress needs every penny than can get.  I'm pretty sure they are due for a pay increase any moment now.  Yes, I am feeling a little cynical about our government and it's inability to actually stay in a budget.  maybe I should say, create a budget.... oh hell I should stop now before I really start to rant.

Taxes, I really don't mind taxes but they are all mathy (yes I made that word up) and if that wasn't bad enough "they" make it as difficult as possibly to understand what the heck the rules are.  So I have this foreign tax credit form that I wanted to fill in on turbo tax to see if my numbers and the accountants numbers jive.  I'm stuck on line 15 because it wont let me punch in the nunber it wants me to fill in supporting documentation.  I'm not even filing the turbo tax forms I'm filing the accountant forms.  Why and I bothering?  I have no idea, it seemed like a good idea at the time.  Now it seems like a good idea to wait for L to come home and help me.  Stupid tax forms, stupid govenment, annoyingly stupid condescending congress.  I'm sorry the whole trillions of dollars in debt thing bothers me.  If you or I lived that far outside of our budget I'm pretty sure someone would be knocking on our door to take us to debtors prison.  I wonder if we could reinstiture debtors prison for a few congressmen/women 

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  1. Taxes and math, too. I feel really bad for you. I hope the Swiss tax credit is big. Love, Your Favorite Sister.