Friday, September 30, 2011

September 30, 2011 - Random Comments

I received an email from a guy who I need to speak with telling me he is available at 11am PDT.  If I wasn't wearing a watch that had two faces and told me what time it was in Zurich and what time it was on the East Coast of the US I would have trouble making the conversion.  Yes, it's only a 6 hour time difference.  I finally had to google what time it would be here and then I had to count back 6 hours.  I know people (L and my sister) who can do this in their heads without any apparent effort.

I just finished the Hunger Games Trilogy.  I couldn't figure out how to write a review of the books individually so I assumed I would just do one of the series.  Well I literally just finished the series and my immediate reaction to the last couple of chapters and the ending was "This sucks."  Crude but true.  Don't misunderstand, I enjoyed the series I really did, but I wanted something different for Katniss.  Here's a flawed girl who is being used/manipulated by everyone up until the very end.  Seriously, how much crap do we have to heap on the girl?  I don't know maybe I wanted a different happy ending.  Regardless, if I'm not the last person on the planet to read the series I would recommend it.

It's that time of year in Zurich when I appear to be congested all the time.  I'd like that to stop as well thank you.

Happy Friday

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