Saturday, September 24, 2011

September 24, 2011 - Not the Best Start to A Saturday

I realize I don't normally post an update on the weekend, but this morning I took L into Zurich and got my very 1st speeding ticket.  Sort of.  I haven't "received" the actual ticket yet, nor do I know how much said ticket will cost.  Switzerland uses traffic cameras.  Now I have to admit, they are in plain sight.  Big ugly grey things.  How you know you're getting a ticket?  you get flashed and not in the man in a trench coat sort of way (thankfully).  A flash of light fires they snap your picture and sooner or later a ticket comes in the mail.

The sad thing is, I saw the camera.  I looked at my speedometer and thought 35kph, "ok I'm fine" then the flash of light.  Damn it all.  I had no idea I was in a 3kph zone.  I should have known, I really should have, but I had just turned off a main road that was in the city and is 50kph and I didn't see any telltale signs (giant 30's painted in the road, they do that here... it's helpful) telling me that the speed limit changed.  Now I know that I have seen general signs posted when you cross into Switerland that says 120 Highway, 50 outside the city, 30 inside the city so I don't really have an excuse and I should have realized that going a block off the main road running thru the city would equate to "in the city" but I didn't.

So now I get to wait for a ticket where the amount will be a surprise and I get to pray that the amount is not based on a % of annual income.  I've been told they do that, but I think it's for speeding in school zones.  Then again I obviously haven't a clue.

The silver lining: I didn't have the added stress of being pulled over by a Polezi.  *sigh*

Does this count as an adventure?

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  1. yes it does....:-) sorry about the flashing. I was flashed several times....several times...on west side highway in NY city not once but 3 times ... i think i went waay tooo fast though...about 100 miles per hr, cause I believe the flashers didn't get my license plate...or my boss received them, it was a company car at the time, about 5 yrs ago

  2. You were only 5 kph over the limit. That's approximatley 3 mph over. Do you mean to tell me that they ticket you for going 3 mph over the speed limit? I'd be so screwed.

    Love, Your Favorite Sister

  3. I am with Mare on this one...YIKES!

  4. I got a speeding ticket this past May. I had the pleasure of being pulled over and I tell you, I'd so much rather the ticket be mailed in. I felt like such criminal...if he would have spotted the rotting corpse in the trunk I would have been totally screwed. :)