Friday, September 23, 2011

September 23, 2011 - TGIF

Before we came to Switzerland I used to work out 2 or 3 times a week.  I’ve had been doing that consistently for more than 10 years.  Sure some of the reasons were:
  • I like to eat and working out allows me that luxury. 
  • It’s a good stress reliever and helps keep my night terrors under control
  • When I don’t work out I have more aches and pains, especially in my shoulders.  Crazy I know. 
So, although I have been running fairly consistently I have not been doing any other kinds of workouts; and while we were on vacation walking around the various cities, my shoulders were killing me.  As a matter of fact the last time my shoulder(s) hurt like this was over 10 years ago.  Do you see a correlation with the timeframes?  Yep, 10+ years ago my shoulder felt like someone had stuck a hot poker in it and I was contemplating hacking it off with a butter knife, because it couldn’t hurt any worse.  I learned a couple of valuable lessons that day. 

  • Cold pain is not a problem for me, hot searing pain, I’m a big baby.
  • Nurses and Doctors get very upset with you when you explain you’ve taken 20+ Advil in the course of the day and it’s not touching the pain.
  • Ice packs are your friend.
A doctor’s visit and an x-ray later I was told that when my when the muscles around my shoulder get week, my shoulder slides in the socket and irritates the nerves. 

What was I saying?  Oh right, while we were on vacation walking around, I was experiencing an unpleasant yet mild version of discomfort; a HUGE clue that I need to do something about my not working out with weights.

Well the lovely L occasionally works out with a woman named Olivia.  I’ve met Olivia a couple of times when I have gone running with the two of them.  She seems very nice.  We made contact and today I am happy to report that I went to see her and we did a series of exercises that should strengthen my shoulders as well as a bunch of stability exercises.  Hey if my mind can’t be stable at least some part of me can be.  It felt really good, but oh my lord am I weak.  Weak Weak Weak.  I hate being weak, but that’s what 18 months of lazy gets me.  Oh and to make it an extra productive workout I ran to the session 4 miles.  The last mile was walk/run but I made it in a decent amount of time.  Sure once Olivia and I started working out I thought I might throw up, but it passed.  The feeling passed, I didn’t actually lose it.

Really this is just a long winded way of saying I feel good today and I’m pretty proud of myself.

Happy Friday Everyone.

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  1. Happy Friday indeed.

    I have barely worked out the past couple of weeks b/c my schedule hasn't allowed for the time. I feel it. All over. And it sucks. Working out is necessary for a lot of us and good on you for getting back into it.