Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 22, 2011 – Wien a.k.a. Vienna

Now why would I write the name Vienna as Wien?  So you can experience a little of my driving dilemma.  L and I were heading to Vienna and shortly after crossing into Austria we decided to make a quick stop because… there was a wind farm and I wanted a picture.  I don’t know, I like wind farms and I especially like when they are on “farms”.  I really don’t know why people complain that it’s going to ruin their view (typically said in the US on the east coast when they discuss putting windmills in the bodies of water).  Granted however, I’ve never seen a wind farm on the water, maybe it would ruin the look but I seriously doubt it.  Heck don’t houses ruin the view?  Anyway I’ve gotten off track. 

We stopped so I could take a picture but when we were going to get back onto the highway there were two entrance ramps and I was not sure which one to take.  I also have difficulty listening to the GPS lady, paying attention to the other vehicles, AND reading foreign language street signs.  So I count on L to read the street signs.  Needless to say the GPS lady is telling me to do something while pronouncing something in unintelligible English and I haven’t a clue which way to go.  I sure as heck don’t want to end up taking a wrong turn. 

L:         Take the one where it say “Vienna”. 

Me:      <starting to panic> “which one????”

L:         “The one right there that says Vienna”

Me:      <stopping car> “I don’t see anything that says Vienna”

L:         Points to a sign that say “Wien” and says “That one”

Me:      “oh… ”

Obviously L’s German lessons have been more successful than my water boarding sessions, as she pointed out Wien is Vienna written in the local language.  Needless to say we created a new point and shoot rule.  L would point and I would follow.

When we arrived  we put our stuff into the hotel and took a walk around to get our bearings.  One of the very 1st things we encountered… cupcakes.

This alone was enough to make Vienna L’s favorite stop

The best way I can describe Vienna is… everything (at least the buildings) is big.  As in really BIG.  Ginormous even.

This is the “summer palace”… seriously it’s small compared to the “everyday” palace.

Our last day there was a police escorted bike ride.  I’ve seen these before, a way to encourage people to ride bikes. At least that is what I assumed the purpose was, regardless it was fun to see all the people on bikes and some of the crazy bikes.

All I could think with this guy was “that’s a long way to fall”

There were also quite a few street performers, except that the majority of them were that typical, paint myself gold and stand absolutely still like a statue... but this guy, he had a really cool gimmick and was racking in the cash.

I have to admit that by the time we got to Vienna I was tired, we’d been doing a lot of running around the few days prior and I was missing the beastly boy.  As a result, we didn’t see as many things as we would have liked and if we were to do it over again we would have reversed the trip.  Vienna, Budapest, then Prague and we would have spent one extra day in Vienna and one less in Prague.

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  1. That's one amazing street performer. Once again, great pictures. Love, Your Favorite Sister