Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 20, 2011 – Budapest

I think this was my favorite city of the three that we visited, although L and I were so exhausted by the time we went to Vienna that I’m probably not giving that city as fair a shake as I should.

Budapest was just a fun city to walk around and our hotel was located right outside a main public transportation hub and riding the trams/buses was easy.  Well easy because L understands these things and I just go along for the ride.

The 1st thing we did when we arrived was hop onto a “hop on hop off” bus tour.  We really just wanted to get a sense of what there was to see and where everything was located.  This really worked out well, because it gave us a plan of attack for the next couple of days and let us group together what we wanted to see.

A view of the city from the Statue of Liberty Monument;

yes they have a statue of liberty but it’s not ours….

Did you know Budapest has Thermal Baths?  Well, fine, I was unaware but L knew so we packed with the intention of going to one.  Now I freely admit that going to a thermal bath is a little outside of my comfort zone.  Fine it’s weird but it’s way outside of my comfort zone.  L pointed out that it’s like going to a public pool.  I pointed out, that would also be outside of my comfort zone.  To which she pointed out that I was an idiot (not her words) and had been to lots of public pools.  Somehow going on a beach vacation and using the hotel pool was never equated to a public pool in my mind. *sigh*.  In fact, there are so many things outside my comfort zone I could dedicate a blog just to them.

Anyway, back to the topic.  We got a recommendation from the concierge, I screwed up my courage, and we went to a thermal bath/spa.   At this particular spa they separate the men and women, for which I am grateful.  I will also point out that the following observations:

(a)    As L put it, not all bathing suits are created equal

(b)   L and I were seriously overdressed when compared to a few of the women.  In fact anyone who was not naked would have been over dressed.

I want to point out that I’m actually pretty comfortable with my body.  Sure I’m not gorgeous, but I think I’m ok looking and frankly this is my body, it’s what I have had to work with for 46 years and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.  That being said, I can only hope to have ½ the body image/comfort in my own skin thing that some of these naked women displayed.  There was this one woman who had to be 400 pounds and she was amazing.  I tried not to stare but it’s difficult, here’s this large woman in her birthday suit floating in the pool as relaxed as can be.  Some day I want to be able to do that, not the 400 pounds part, the “I don’t care what people see” part. 

The spa itself; I didn’t really know what to expect but wow was the water HOT.  There were two pools, one that was 38 degrees celsius and the other was 34 degrees.  I loved the wicked hot one, it felt great on my aching shoulders but at some point when you are in water and the water is making you sweat.  It’s time to move.  You wouldn’t think that 4 degrees makes a big difference but it does.

They also had a regular pool for men and women.  I did NOT go into that one.  Ironically they made everyone where caps on their heads.  I assume to keep the hair under control.  What was ironic was the guy who was balding wearing a shower cap on is head to keep what little hair he had under control, but my god the guy looked like he was wearing a sweater for all the hair on his back and chest. Seriously, the shower cap was ineffective.

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  1. Hi Sis. Budapest sounds great. So glad you enjoyed it. Love, Your Favorite Sister

  2. Great shots my dear-
    The spa/pool would have been a bit out of my own comfort zone, but not because of my naked-ness.

    Those 4 degrees, translated to Fahrenheit are a bit more interesting, and it is a big difference.
    Although I hate it when it is hot out, my back, amazingly, loved the heat. I am now petrified of shivering come winter.


  3. Hi, I know I am slow responding but I have been to Budapest several times, my grandmother was born there, and I am Hungarian! Proud Szekely! :-) I love Hungary!