Friday, August 5, 2011

August 5, 2011 – Adventures in Banking

Fortunately I can testify that banking in Switzerland seems to be easier than Swiss/US taxes.  Oh hell, EVEREYTHING is easier than taxes.  We decided to transfer some cash from Switzerland to the US.  You can’t do this online.  Oh fine I am sure “someone” can, I can’t.  First off it’s too scary an idea that I might screw something up and have cash mysteriously disappear into the world wide web.  Second, well there isn’t a second… the 1st bullet is plenty.  Now the nice thing is I called our bank in the US and they were helpful in giving me the information that the Swiss bank would need to transfer the funds.  Then I went to the Swiss bank with my “SWIFT numbers in hand.  I haven’t got a clue what a “swift” number is except that I hope it means that the money will make it to its correct destination swiftly and that is does not mean “Shit We Incinerated your Funds Transfer.”  I still have some fear around this transaction because the Swiss Bank said it takes about a week for the cash to appear.  Um, isn’t this all handled by computer?  I can send an email from here to the US and it arrives within minutes…. I’m willing to say it would take a day to get the paperwork complete but do they hire someone to fill a suitcase with money and carry it to the US?

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