Monday, August 29, 2011

August 29, 2011 - Weekend Update

The weekend was quite, I was catching up on work and trying to stay in touch with friends and family back home who were dealing with the winds and rain from hurricane Irene.  Sure my good friend D had an unexpected and unpleasant surprise when the neighbor's tree came through her roof at 4am, but fortunately no one was hurt.  Although there may have been a slim possibility that their daughter S had wanted a pool in her bedroom, I'm fairly certain she hadn't intended on getting it that way.  It also never occurred to me that when a tree comes through your roof at the beginning of a hurricane, there really isn't a thing you can do about it except try to catch as much of the rain as possible in buckets.  It's not like someone can come and remove the tree of help close up the hole.

Mom and Dad lost power for a little but but otherwise made out just fine.  It also appears that our house came out unscathed, although my sister said she lost power early this morning.

So for the moment I will keep my fingers crossed that D and her family can get someone to come by the house quickly to remove the tree and start repairs and I'll thank whomever is listening that no one got hurt.

Happy Monday

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