Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 2, 2011 – Amsterdam continued

The other thing that Amsterdam had an overabundance of…..

Bicycles: Oh and not the fancy shmancy kind either.  They had the no gears, brakes on the peddle kind that you wouldn’t catch young people in the US riding if their lives depended on it.  However, they are the perfect fit for riding around the city… beaters that get people to and from places and the weather never effects them. 

 The little seat doohickey is so they can carry stuff… packages, small children, pot… whatever

They also have houseboats (wasn’t there a Cary Grant/Sophia Loren movie where Cary lived on a houseboat?)   If he tour guide didn’t lie they have 2500 houseboats anchored in the canals. I didn’t get any decent shots of the houseboats but I did get a picture of this statue that was ON a houseboat.

For some reason they also have a park with …. Omg I’m having a brain meltdown… what are these lizard things called?  Anyway filled with statues of these things; I was amused.

Oh and then just a couple random photos because I can....

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  1. My only contact with Amsterdam was the airport. I thought I was in a magical land. Supermarket at the airport, meat hanging, music blasting...all i could afford was water in the bathroom :-) back in 88

  2. Those are called Iquanas and they are a pest down here, wish we only had statues.