Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15, 2011 – Zurich Street Parade

I know you are all dying to know how we spent our weekend.  Well let me tell you it was extremely busy but let’s talk about Saturday.  L and I got up early-ish, we met her trainer in Zurich and went for a run around the lake.  (Al, not completely “around” the lake… along side of…).  Anyway, the venders etc were prepping for the “Street Parade” which is really made up of loud music, trucks with various themes carrying people who are dancing, and people dressing up in outrageous costumes.  Oh, and drinking, lot’s of drinking.  It’s only 9am, and the parade doesn’t start until 2pm and I can already feel the beat of the base in someone’s all too loud music reverberating through my head.  At this point I’m thinking no matter how entertaining people watching will be, I am way too old for this.  I also know that (a) crowds don’t make me happy (b) I already have a significant hearing loss in one ear and (c) just thinking about being in wall to wall drunk people is making me cranky.

Well, lo and behold L and I decided to give it a whirl and check out the street parade.  I realized why pass up an opportunity to experience the spectacle up close and personal.  Well that and we agreed that we could always decide that we couldn’t stand it and hop back on the train home.

Let me just tell you it was well worth the trip…

There were men dressed as... I don't know...

Men dressed as women... (the one with the umbrella)

 People in pleather


 There was alot of dancing... as it should be

Then there were people who were.. under dressed

 The Boy George Float... he was the DJ... no I did not get a pic of him

but I did get a picture of his stripper poles...

We also saw the Smurf's in 3D


Drunk boys on light poles

Why did L and I think we were too old????

Again... old men dressed as women... in too few clothes... avert your eyes....  Seriously, why did L and I think we were too old? 

After Saturday L and I realize that (a) your only as old as you feel (b) alcohol really does wipe away any common sense (see above pic) (c) we better start planning our costumes now for next year's Street Parade

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  1. Wonderful colourful photos, CAB! It looks like a good time. :^D

  2. I love the pictures. I guess there's never a dull moment at a Zurich street fair. Love, Your Favorite Sister