Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1, 2011 – Amsterdam the City of 3 P’s

Pot, Prostitutes, and Pancakes.

I have to give credit where it its due – L suggested the title and it was too good to pass up.

We spend the weekend camping in Amsterdam.  Now don’t get confused, this was camping L and CAB style.  Now before anyone gets all excited that L and I were roughing it in a tent by a campfire.  My definition of “camping’ is a Motel 6, not that I have ever had the pleasure but its how I equate that brand.  Ultimately that means we stayed in a clean “hotel” but pretty much that was it and for those who can compare, the “self-serve” hotel in Zermatt was a nicer room.  Needless to say it seems my hotel picking runs from one extreme to the other.  I suspect L will pick the next one.

Apparently I had no idea what Amsterdam was famous for, call me naïve but I had no idea that a “coffee shop” was anything other than a coffee shop.  Sure the names “Easy Times”, “Mellow Yellow”, and “Happy Feelings” should have been a clue but the dead giveaway was the ever present wafting scent of cannabis floating through the air.  By the way who the heck names a coffee shop known for its drugs “The Bull Dog”?   Oh and no, we did not partake.  I have enough trouble with my mental wanderings without adding additional chemicals to the mix.  We did happen across the “Magic Mushroom” store that had a handy travelers guide to selecting a purchase.  Again, all I can say is no thank you.

Oh and if you have to have a bank for your pot, I think you have a problem (IMO)

The prostitutes were not that big of a surprise, I had read “don’t take pictures of the ladies.”  However, I sort of anticipated seeing them walking the streets… not displayed in windows tapping on the glass trying to get a guys attention.  Oh, nor did I expect to see these glass cages displayed around the “Old Church” historical site.  Granted the old church was in the Red Light District (oh and not a red light to be seen anywhere).

Pancakes: The 1st day we were there I ordered a TexMex Pancake for lunch: 

Again, not what I expected but it was pretty good.  The next day we got traditional “Dutch Pancakes”.  They were kind of like Silver Dollar Pancakes in the US.

For the most part we wandered around, took in the sights, bought some cheese.  Which lead to a brief encounter at the Amsterdam airport.  It would appear that a small round of cheese is somewhat “suspicious” when run through the xray machine.  They searched my bag to determine everything was in order.  I had to laugh because on this entire trip (a) no one checked our ID’s… ever (b) We made it through security in about 5 mins (both coming and going) … despite the cheese incident (c) I did not have to remove my shoes (d) no one felt the need to frisk me and yet I felt entirely safe.

If you are wondering we did go to a couple of museums, the Anne Frank House, and we took a canal tour.  All of which were fun.  Here's some pics:

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  1. Sweet Cab;
    I cannot tell you how cool this 'trip' was; not only for you, but as you retell it for us!
    Your blogging is fandamtastic if I do say so myself. "So."

    I laughed at L picking the next hotel too. hehehe
    But always the adventure of life which you share so well, I might add.

    My Little Sweet Pea won't like this, but I would enjoy the "the ever present wafting scent of cannabis floating through the air."
    I always loved the smell, whether or not I was partaking.
    Every now and then in winter here, there is a group of kids with their parkas on, all huddled together at the mall, or some!such place.
    I swear I would love to buy one of those parkas- and keep it in a bag at home here, just so I could sniff at it every now and then). hehehe

    You also said "I have enough trouble with my mental wanderings without adding additional chemicals to the mix."
    The narcotics i am on now for my fractures... I realize that within an hour or so of taking them, my fingers do not accurately splay out the right words that are coming from my brain. But that passes soon enough. Yet, this error in communication as it is, has already gotten me in trouble once or twice with ppl that don't understand wth is going on.



  2. Well that third picture was certainly unexpected! lol! I really envy you your experience of living over there.