Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 31, 2011 - A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

I'll count my blessings that Mr. Rogers is not in the neighborhood.  He was kind of annoying.  Enough of that.  The sun is out, the temperature is beautiful.  I took a little time this morning to sit on the balcony and read a little bit.  Yes, I am back on a reading bender and working my way through a bunch of new books.

I've also been running more consistantly and I feel better physically and mentally.  When I stop exercising I "know" that I mentally feel better when I am exercising but I don't fully realize it until I start up again.  It's difficult to explain but it's like a mental sigh of relief coupled with an emotional hug.

My sister is still taking cold showers.  No, not for that reason.  The house is still without power after hurricane Irene.  On the hurricane scale it wasn't that big, but to put it blunty Irene was a bitch.  Apparently there is no ETA for my sister and power.  I'll keep my fingers crossed that it gets restored soon.  Even the most saintly can only stand so many icey showers.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 30, 2011 - Book Review: Harmony by Karis Walsh

Harmony by Karis Walsh
Rating 3.5 stars

Product Description from the Boldstrokes Website 

Sometimes conformity and control are only shields, and all it takes is the right woman to shatter the illusions forever.

Andrea Taylor craves peace in her life, no matter what the personal sacrifice. She arranges her career as a violist, her relationships with family and friends, and even her love life so she can avoid strife at all costs. Everything is going according to plan until she meets Brooke Stanton the night before Brooke’s wedding rehearsal and her ordered existence falls apart.

When Brooke hires a string quartet to play at her rehearsal dinner, she doesn’t expect to meet a woman who threatens the security of her already predetermined future. Suddenly she has doubts about the conventional path she has chosen and desires she can no longer ignore.

In an eclectic neighborhood in Seattle, Washington, these two women face a life-altering decision—will they fight the attraction that threatens their carefully structured lives or take a chance on finding the harmony only love creates?


First off let me say that this is a romance novel and as such it follows the typical romance formula.  It is definitely light reading, but it’s a romance novel, it’s supposed to be light and have a happy ending.  I can’t tell you how many pages it is because Kindle doesn’t tell me.  I can tell you that:

I enjoyed the story.

I was able to walk away from the story for reasonable amounts of time (work called) but I looked forward to picking the book back up.

I read it in 7 hours.

If/when the author comes out with another story I’ll give that story a try as well.

One last note, I believe that this is Karis Walsh’s first book.  However, it did not have that typical first romance novel feel to it.  That’s a compliment.

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August 30, 2011 - Book Reviews

Nightshade by Michelle Rowen  (Book 1)
SciFi/Paranormal Romance
4 stars

Jillian Conrad is working as a temp in an investment firm in San Diego.  On this particular day she makes a coffee run for herself and some co-workers.  Unfortunately, when she returns she gets caught in between a mad scientist and a gunman, Declan, who sent to retrieve a secret formula.

The scientist uses Jillian as a human shield and just before Declan kills him, the scientist, the scientist injects Jillian with the only remaining sample of the serum.  Jillian quickly finds herself the unwilling companion of Declan who is bringing her to his father in an attempt to salvage the serum.

Jillian quickly finds herself a fight for her life.  If the serum, or Declan don’t kill her, then the vampires who want to destroy it will.


This is the first book in what appears to be a two part series.  The two main characters are Jillian and Declan but there are also a number of interesting supporting characters and frankly it’s difficult at times to tell the good guys from the bad guys.  After reading this one I had to pick up the second in the series and read that as well. 

Bloodlust by Michelle Rowen (Book 2)

SciFi/Paranormal Romance
4 stars

This is the follow up to Nightshade and picks up where the last one left off.  The author continues to develop the relationship between Jillian and Declan. Jillian continues to try and survive another day trying to fight off the effects of the Nightshade poison and avoid being killed by the Vampires who find her scent irresistible because of the Nightshade.

What I found intriguing about the continued story was my complete inability to get a handle on the motives of Declan or Matthias (the Vampire King).  It’s been my experience that even with well written, complex characters the author let’s you see their intent when they are acting in a particular manner that is somewhat unexpected. What I found with these characters is that they would do things that were unexpected and often I was unable to identify if the unexpected behavior was a glimpse of their true character or if it was an act.  This was especially true when trying to figure out either Declan or Matthias’ motives for certain actions.

Again this was a very good book, I’m hoping that the author comes out with another in this series.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

August 29, 2011 - Weekend Update

The weekend was quite, I was catching up on work and trying to stay in touch with friends and family back home who were dealing with the winds and rain from hurricane Irene.  Sure my good friend D had an unexpected and unpleasant surprise when the neighbor's tree came through her roof at 4am, but fortunately no one was hurt.  Although there may have been a slim possibility that their daughter S had wanted a pool in her bedroom, I'm fairly certain she hadn't intended on getting it that way.  It also never occurred to me that when a tree comes through your roof at the beginning of a hurricane, there really isn't a thing you can do about it except try to catch as much of the rain as possible in buckets.  It's not like someone can come and remove the tree of help close up the hole.

Mom and Dad lost power for a little but but otherwise made out just fine.  It also appears that our house came out unscathed, although my sister said she lost power early this morning.

So for the moment I will keep my fingers crossed that D and her family can get someone to come by the house quickly to remove the tree and start repairs and I'll thank whomever is listening that no one got hurt.

Happy Monday

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Friday, August 26, 2011

August 26, 2011 – Brownies and the Cleaning Lady

One really has very little to do with the other except that they are both on my mind.  The cleaning lady is here and the beast and I are locked in my office to give her a fighting chance to get the place clean before the boy sheds more hair onto the floor.  Wow that’s a long sentence.  If I don’t lock him up with me, he follows her from room to room.  I’m fairly certain he is just “supervising” the cleaning and not really begging for another treat.  Yea, I know… treats win.

Brownies, I should have just given in this morning and made the batch of brownies I wanted to make when I had time to make them.  I can pretend that this was the plan, don’t make the brownies in the morning and when my willpower is at its weakest I don’t have time.  Alas that would just be happenstance and my waistline thanks me.

Did I mention yesterday that I am not enjoying the fact that there is a Hurricane heading towards our home in CT.  Yes, that statement makes it seem like the hurricane is hell bent on hitting just our home but you know what I mean.  I can’t help but want to make sure everything is ok with the house and kind of wish that I was going to be home to keep an eye on it.  Now, I realize that my wonderful sister will be there and frankly there isn’t anything that I could do that she won’t do.  I just don’t like being out of control.  I had the same issue with all the snow this past year, although, I was also very pleased to miss out on all the shoveling (sorry Sis).  Anyway, there are no trees in our yard so barring flooding or flying objects the house will be fine.

Weekend plans… I’m not entirely sure what the weekend will hold for us.  I do know that Küsnacht is having a carnival in town with kids rides and foodstuff.  Last year we wandered thru and it was fun just watching some of the people.  No doubt we will make an appearance just to look around and grab some sort of carnival fair.  (Another good reason to stay away from brownies today)

Happy Weekend!

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

August 25, 2011 - It Isn't Easy Being Green

Doesn't Kermit the Frong sing that song?  I hate that song or maybe I just dislike Kermit.  Regardless, I missed you yesterday.  To put it mildly I was feeling ill.  You know, that feeling where you are on the line of "please let the nausea pass" or "please just let me throw up".  Thankfully it passed and I was feeling much better by the afternoon.

Work is going well, thank you for asking.  I've been running a data conversion the last few days.  I know, when am I not running or working on a data conversion?  Well if everything goes well, later today I'll be mapping data for a different project.  It's like a puzzel.  I like puzzles.

Wasn't that exciting?  No?  Yeah, I know.  Life can be gloriously dull.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August 23, 2011 - Time Flies

We're almost at the end of August and I'm wondering where the days have gone?  That and I'm still thinking "Its so freaking hot", even when it's not as hot/humid as it can be.  I actually think we've been getting off easy this summer.  The weather has been pretty nice, but days like the last few make me miss AC.  I've said that before haven't I?!

I'm going running this evening.  My neighbor and I will head to the river where its shady and MUCH cooler than, well elsewhere.

Upcoming trips, we've planned a trip in September.  We're driving to Prague, Budapest, Vienna, and Salzburg.  It's something to look forward to and I'm excited.  We've realized that technically we only have another year and 1/2 left so we'd better get off our duffs and start taking some trips to experience all things Europe.  Well maybe not "all things"... think Amsterdam... but at the very least we need to start getting some more trips in. 

I have a Countries wishlist without specific destinations:
Greece (I think)

Then there are cities
Italy, Rome
France, (some parts of Paris I haven't seen) Normandy
Russia, Moscow.... maybe, I'm not entirely sure
Spain, Barcelona (tentatively November)

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Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22, 2011 - Weekend Update

The last few days can be summed up by the ever constant presence of the following statement: "It is sooooooo hot."  I'm certain that between L and I we have said that enough for it to officially be declared a mantra.  Certainly, it is hotter in other places, but it's been awhile since we have had to deal with really hot weather and we've been spoiled by AC.  Here, you just suck it up, sit infront of a fan and/or jump in the lake.  Literally.  We skipped the lake but I seriously contemplated sitting on the balcony with the garden hose.  The thing that stopped me was knowing that run off of the water would inevitably fall on my neighbors balconies.  I'm fairly certain at least one of them would have been unhappy with that prospect.

Oh, but let me tell you that L came home Friday evening with these:  4 red ones and 2 pink.  It was a very nice way to start the weekend.  Ummm ignore the clotter on the table....

I was playing around with the B&W and the Macro settings on the camera.

Happy Monday!

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Friday, August 19, 2011

August 19, 2011 - Random

Rumor has it that the weather is going to be nice this weekend.  I don't want to jinx myself but just maybe that means we can try and find the scary bridge.  I have not given up on that hope/desire.

We had some very cool looking lightening last night.  You could see the bolts flashing across the sky towards the lake.  I even tried to take a picture.  The key word is "tried".  How the heck do people actually take a picture of lightening?  The again, how do they take a picture of it without getting struck by it?

Meri and I went running again this morning.  I'm feeling good about the fact that I am making the effort and I'm hopeful that I will be able to run more, walk less in the near future.

Work... is busy.  Busy is better than unemployed.  Independently wealthy, even better.  I wonder how you buy a Swiss Lottery ticket.

Happy weekend all!

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

August 18, 2011 – Confectioners’ Sugar vs Some other kind

So today I learned that the picture on the Confectionary Sugar bag and the picture on some other finely granulated sugar bag are extremely similar.  As a result, you should not just by the bag based on the picture.  Why?  Because when you make frosting, the kind of sugar makes a difference.   It’s still frosting but it’s not as smooth a texture on the tongue (very important sensory feedback) as it would be if I’d bought the correct kind.

Oh what kind of sugar did I buy?  No idea, it's mystery sugar and I used it anyway.

Ah, live and learn, but no worries the cupcakes will not go to waste.

On another topic I am happy to report that I I have gone running 3 of the last 5 days.  Yeah me.  It helps that L went with me the 2nd time and that my neighbor is back from her holiday so we are getting a schedule together.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 16, 2011 – Grindelwald

Over the weekend we went to the town of Grindelwald.  They were hosting a folk festival and we decided that it could be fun to go.  Several trains later we arrived in the town, but we still had to take a cable car up the mountain to the festival.  Let me just be upfront here, the website made it seem as if the “Festival” was a big event.  It really wasn’t.  There were a handful of dancers and a couple of tables selling things.  HOWEVER, there were awesome views of the alps and really cute cows. 

Speaking of alps, we had a great view of “The Eiger” as in "The Eiger Sanction"you know… Clint Eastwood… assassin… mountains… Clint Eastwood. 

The mountain on the Left is the Eiger.  Which is taller than the mountain on the right, no matter how much taller the one on the right looks.  I blame the clouds for that optical illusion.

A look into the valley

I'm guessing that those barriers are not for catching tourists should the try rolling down the mountain.  Maybe they prevent snow slides?


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Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15, 2011 – Zurich Street Parade

I know you are all dying to know how we spent our weekend.  Well let me tell you it was extremely busy but let’s talk about Saturday.  L and I got up early-ish, we met her trainer in Zurich and went for a run around the lake.  (Al, not completely “around” the lake… along side of…).  Anyway, the venders etc were prepping for the “Street Parade” which is really made up of loud music, trucks with various themes carrying people who are dancing, and people dressing up in outrageous costumes.  Oh, and drinking, lot’s of drinking.  It’s only 9am, and the parade doesn’t start until 2pm and I can already feel the beat of the base in someone’s all too loud music reverberating through my head.  At this point I’m thinking no matter how entertaining people watching will be, I am way too old for this.  I also know that (a) crowds don’t make me happy (b) I already have a significant hearing loss in one ear and (c) just thinking about being in wall to wall drunk people is making me cranky.

Well, lo and behold L and I decided to give it a whirl and check out the street parade.  I realized why pass up an opportunity to experience the spectacle up close and personal.  Well that and we agreed that we could always decide that we couldn’t stand it and hop back on the train home.

Let me just tell you it was well worth the trip…

There were men dressed as... I don't know...

Men dressed as women... (the one with the umbrella)

 People in pleather


 There was alot of dancing... as it should be

Then there were people who were.. under dressed

 The Boy George Float... he was the DJ... no I did not get a pic of him

but I did get a picture of his stripper poles...

We also saw the Smurf's in 3D


Drunk boys on light poles

Why did L and I think we were too old????

Again... old men dressed as women... in too few clothes... avert your eyes....  Seriously, why did L and I think we were too old? 

After Saturday L and I realize that (a) your only as old as you feel (b) alcohol really does wipe away any common sense (see above pic) (c) we better start planning our costumes now for next year's Street Parade

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Friday, August 12, 2011

August 12, 2011 – Cravings/Rambling

I want a brownie.  I will resist the brownie.  Why?  Because it’s not just one brownie, it would be an entire tray of chewy delicious brownies.  There is a box of ½ brownie ½ chocolate chip mix in the pantry calling my name.  I want to bake them.  I want to eat them.  I really really do… but… my butt says no.  I also want a margarita.  Do margarita’s and brownies go together?  Who am I kidding everything goes with margaritas.  Have I mentioned I have PMS?  Is it that obvious?  I know you were dying for me to share that tidbit.  Someone is certainly yelling TMI right about now.  Oh and if you haven’t listened to Mary J. Blige’s PMS song.  You should. 
Side note:  This song does not reflect my current mood but I LIKE it

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

August 11, 2011 – Déjà vu

I actually know that this next scenario, at least one very similar, played itself out when we first arrived here in Zurich.  So yesterday evening I took the beast out for a walk.  He decided that he wanted to go to the bus stop.  Well that was the direction he was pulling me in.  Anyway, there I am walking with the boy down the sidewalk minding my own business when out of the sky a GINORMOUS flying thing landed on my arm.  Ok maybe ginormous is an exaggeration… fine it was just a smallish flying something or other.  Does it really matter?  It landed on me; uninvited.  It’s times like these when I realize just how girlie I can be.  I might have been able to give you a better description of the bug, but I was too busy flailing about and yelling at it “GET OFF ME!!”  Have you ever noticed that insects and other crawling things that land on you, completely ignore your frantic requests to leave your person?  Let’s me just say, yet again, it is impossible to retain any air of dignity when you are flailing about/falling on your butt.  I don’t know, maybe if I had yelled at the thing in German it might have gotten off me.

Anyway, as I sat on the sidewalk, laughing at myself, and the beast came trotting over to check on my status I was at least grateful that there was no one (that I am aware of) around to witness my incredibly graceful antics.

In other news, I am happy to report that I went running this morning.  Not very far and not very long but I went.  Yeah me.

Oh and can anyone tell me… are these plums?  They don’t look like the plums I’ve seen in the past.

Finally,  I think the guy around the corner is going to have a good grape harvest

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 10, 2011 – The Plan

Yes today I have a plan.  Yes it’s the same plan; no one said I was creative with the plan.  L has a dinner with a coworker this evening so I am on my own.  No my friends know that when I am making a dinner for myself I am just as likely to eat ketchup on bread.  I’ll apologize now to anyone who was just revolted.  Really it’s not that bad.  It’s more a lazy factor than it is anything else.  Making dinner for one is not as rewarding as making dinner for others.  So, what does that mean?  Well tonight for dinner I see a PB&J sandwich and a run, not necessarily in that order.  Yes you read that correctly.  I’m taking my dinner break this afternoon and going for a run… walk… crawl.  I’m doing it.  The sun is out, no rain in the forecast; I got my haircut so the wind drag will be minimized.  Ok come on that was funny… hair… wind drag… ok fine never mind.

So that is the plan and I’m sticking with it.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August 9, 2011

Do ostriches really stick their heads in the sand?  I’m thinking of incorporating the strategy into my own life.  Economy continues to tank… stick my head in the sand.  Stock market tanking… stick my head in the sand.  Not fulfilling any of my goals… yep, head in the sand.  Here’s the unfortunate thing, I know I am sticking my head in the sand and which seriously takes away from the effectiveness of that strategy.  That leaves me with having to fall back on plan b, “kick myself in the arse” strategy.  Unfortunately, you may have noticed from the last series of blogs I have not been terribly successful on that front either.  I have stopped eating chocolate; yes I know the world is going to come to an end.  No worries, I have not stopped thinking about eating chocolate.  I’ve only managed to curtail it while I berate myself for not running and the fact that my pants are starting to get tight.  I refuse to buy new pants so that leaves me with having to get off my lazy duff.  Does anyone want to show up at the apartment tomorrow to run with me?

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Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8, 2011 - Monday... That says it all

My right eye twiched most of last week, then the weekend rolled around... no twitching.  Monday morning... twitch.  given the length of time and the apparent correlation between the work week and the twich, should I actually classify said twitch as a "tick".  Only time will tell.  Currently my mood has been dinged by what I consider a serious lack of customer service on the part of the company responsible for hosting the servers for the company I work for.  How's that for a convulted sentance?  Thank god for Patty Griffin who is getting me through the headache that rolled downhill.  What?  none of this is making sense and you don't really care.  I don't think I actually do either, I was just on a mini rant roll.

Weekend Update:  L and I went back to Winterthur this weekend.  We had lunch, went to a watch museum which was VERY cool and generally has a very nice time.  Beyond that it was a boring rainy weekend.  I know you were dying to hear that.

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Friday, August 5, 2011

August 5, 2011 – Adventures in Banking

Fortunately I can testify that banking in Switzerland seems to be easier than Swiss/US taxes.  Oh hell, EVEREYTHING is easier than taxes.  We decided to transfer some cash from Switzerland to the US.  You can’t do this online.  Oh fine I am sure “someone” can, I can’t.  First off it’s too scary an idea that I might screw something up and have cash mysteriously disappear into the world wide web.  Second, well there isn’t a second… the 1st bullet is plenty.  Now the nice thing is I called our bank in the US and they were helpful in giving me the information that the Swiss bank would need to transfer the funds.  Then I went to the Swiss bank with my “SWIFT numbers in hand.  I haven’t got a clue what a “swift” number is except that I hope it means that the money will make it to its correct destination swiftly and that is does not mean “Shit We Incinerated your Funds Transfer.”  I still have some fear around this transaction because the Swiss Bank said it takes about a week for the cash to appear.  Um, isn’t this all handled by computer?  I can send an email from here to the US and it arrives within minutes…. I’m willing to say it would take a day to get the paperwork complete but do they hire someone to fill a suitcase with money and carry it to the US?

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 3, 2011 - Bullets/Reading

Not the kind you fire from a gun.  I left those at home with Dad.  I figured he could take them out and show them some attention now and then.  Hmmm.. maybe next time I am home, I'll take them out. That could be fun.

Wednesday.. what happened to Monday and Tuesday?  Heck what happened to June and July?  Do you remember being a kid and thinking that the days just dragged along?  I do, I also remember my grandmother telling me to be careful what I wished for because when I got older the days would fly by.  I did not understand that statement at the time.

I've been reading alot of fanfiction lately.  Some of these people write incredibly well.  Unfortunately, I've gotten hooked on a series of novels (there is really no other description for them) and I've realized that the likelihood that the person(s) writing them will finish the last two in the series are slim to none.  I hate that, but hey they aren't getting paid so I guess I should be grateful I got to read the 1st 4 "books".

I also finished reading:
Firestorm by Radclyffe
The Best Defense by Carsen Taite and
After the Fall by Robin Summers

I should right reviews but I'm feeling like my reviews are wasted.  So I'll just say they were very good and I'd recommend them.

Now I'm reading "Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali" - it's her life story and I'm finding it interesting but can't just sit down and read it.  I think it's because my mind wants something a bit easier/entertaining after all day with data conversions.

I've also given up on attempting to read "Containment by Christian Cantrell"  I am sure there are people out there who will love this book.  Heck I thought I would enjoy it.  At this point I've decided stabbing myself in the eye with a sharp stick would be easier than finishing this story.  ... No offense.  I don't think they have that as a part of the rating guide on Amazon.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 2, 2011 – Amsterdam continued

The other thing that Amsterdam had an overabundance of…..

Bicycles: Oh and not the fancy shmancy kind either.  They had the no gears, brakes on the peddle kind that you wouldn’t catch young people in the US riding if their lives depended on it.  However, they are the perfect fit for riding around the city… beaters that get people to and from places and the weather never effects them. 

 The little seat doohickey is so they can carry stuff… packages, small children, pot… whatever

They also have houseboats (wasn’t there a Cary Grant/Sophia Loren movie where Cary lived on a houseboat?)   If he tour guide didn’t lie they have 2500 houseboats anchored in the canals. I didn’t get any decent shots of the houseboats but I did get a picture of this statue that was ON a houseboat.

For some reason they also have a park with …. Omg I’m having a brain meltdown… what are these lizard things called?  Anyway filled with statues of these things; I was amused.

Oh and then just a couple random photos because I can....

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Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1, 2011 – Amsterdam the City of 3 P’s

Pot, Prostitutes, and Pancakes.

I have to give credit where it its due – L suggested the title and it was too good to pass up.

We spend the weekend camping in Amsterdam.  Now don’t get confused, this was camping L and CAB style.  Now before anyone gets all excited that L and I were roughing it in a tent by a campfire.  My definition of “camping’ is a Motel 6, not that I have ever had the pleasure but its how I equate that brand.  Ultimately that means we stayed in a clean “hotel” but pretty much that was it and for those who can compare, the “self-serve” hotel in Zermatt was a nicer room.  Needless to say it seems my hotel picking runs from one extreme to the other.  I suspect L will pick the next one.

Apparently I had no idea what Amsterdam was famous for, call me naïve but I had no idea that a “coffee shop” was anything other than a coffee shop.  Sure the names “Easy Times”, “Mellow Yellow”, and “Happy Feelings” should have been a clue but the dead giveaway was the ever present wafting scent of cannabis floating through the air.  By the way who the heck names a coffee shop known for its drugs “The Bull Dog”?   Oh and no, we did not partake.  I have enough trouble with my mental wanderings without adding additional chemicals to the mix.  We did happen across the “Magic Mushroom” store that had a handy travelers guide to selecting a purchase.  Again, all I can say is no thank you.

Oh and if you have to have a bank for your pot, I think you have a problem (IMO)

The prostitutes were not that big of a surprise, I had read “don’t take pictures of the ladies.”  However, I sort of anticipated seeing them walking the streets… not displayed in windows tapping on the glass trying to get a guys attention.  Oh, nor did I expect to see these glass cages displayed around the “Old Church” historical site.  Granted the old church was in the Red Light District (oh and not a red light to be seen anywhere).

Pancakes: The 1st day we were there I ordered a TexMex Pancake for lunch: 

Again, not what I expected but it was pretty good.  The next day we got traditional “Dutch Pancakes”.  They were kind of like Silver Dollar Pancakes in the US.

For the most part we wandered around, took in the sights, bought some cheese.  Which lead to a brief encounter at the Amsterdam airport.  It would appear that a small round of cheese is somewhat “suspicious” when run through the xray machine.  They searched my bag to determine everything was in order.  I had to laugh because on this entire trip (a) no one checked our ID’s… ever (b) We made it through security in about 5 mins (both coming and going) … despite the cheese incident (c) I did not have to remove my shoes (d) no one felt the need to frisk me and yet I felt entirely safe.

If you are wondering we did go to a couple of museums, the Anne Frank House, and we took a canal tour.  All of which were fun.  Here's some pics:

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