Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 28, 2011 – SPAM

Not the kind you can eat (not that I have) but the annoying kind you get in your email.  I’m not sure what has happened but more SPAM has been making it through my SPAM filter lately and under normal circumstances I find it disturbing.  I really do not need to enhance body parts that I do not have.  However, just a few moments ago I received a SPAM from “Christian Dating” with the subject “View Photos of Christian Singles”.

This I find intriguing and a little worrisome.  Seriously, do they think I am going to open that email?  Forget that I am not single and not looking to “date”; I’m of the belief that any email that starts with the subject “View Photos….” Is pretty much a red flag and my imagination can take over from there.  For all I know there is some guy out there by the name of “Christian” and the email has some embedded code that will instantly take me to a porn site that is also somehow connected to that enhancement email I get periodically.  Just thinking about it makes me want to pluck out my eyes.

Here’s another SPAM I received today from “Hookups” with the subject “Ex Ex Has Recently Searched for You.”   Ok and…. First off if this was a legitimate email that knew who my Ex’s were then they would know not to tell me that one of them searched for me, unless it included a reference for “Quick go get a restraining order.”  Seriously, my “dating” history is riddled with incredibly funny stories of incredibly poor choices.  How else would I have come up with my list of things I looked for in a mate:  “Not an Alcoholic, Not a convicted Felon, No history of diagnosed mental illness, has a job, and is nice” and too think some people thought I was being too picky. 

And finally from “Faith Singles”  “Find your Christian Soulmate”.  Um, maybe Faith Singles should “Hookup” with Christian Dating instead of spamming me because I’m willing to bet cold hard cash I do not meet ANY of their required criteria and more importantly L would be VERY unhappy with me ;).  You might as well SPAM me with “eHarmony”

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