Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 27, 2011 - Still Nothing

Alright, by now you would think I had something to tell you, but no.  It has stopped raining at and hopefully that will continue for awhile.  Work is VERY busy and I am trying to stay motivated.  Oh and our neighbors put out "Have A Heart" traps in their yard.  Ok I don't think they are all that have a heart.  Yesterday moring at 6am I heard this banging and went to investigate.  There was a young, what I initially thought was a fox, pup in the trap and a another older one pacing the wall above the trap.  Now I think it might have been a coyote but I have no idea if they have them in Switzerland.  Regardless, when the older one saw me it took off making a distressed sound.  So now I'm stuck thinking that my neigbors seperated a pup from its mom and I feel bad for both the mom and the pup.  Stupid neighbors.

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  1. was the little fox being a nuisance?

  2. I would have snuck down and released it.....

    I hope they did the right thing and set it free outside their yard.