Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 21. 2011 - German Lessons Update

No this wont be nearly as amusing as my previous Berlitz Waterboarding German Lessons.  I was asked yesterday how my German was coming along and frankly I have let it slide.  I can kind of sort of understand very simple things people say to me if they say them slow enough.  I'm also completely overcome with vocal paralysis at the thought of responding to someone in German.  Oye.

Today I am officially announcing that I have restarted my German Lessons.  Well my, "teach yourself German" lessons using Pimsleur's CD's.  I've got them loaded on my iPod and damn it all I am going to finish working mmy way through the introduction.  Heck, it's only because if Pimsleur that I am even able to say anything in German.. outload... to a live human being.  So what if it's only: "I only understand a little German... just a little."  My next goal phrase:  "Could you repeat that please... slowly?"

Today, Lesson 4 where I learn how to say "I'm well, and you?"

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  1. :-) Sorry didn't mean to cause trouble

  2. *hugs*

    Have I mentioned that the two swiss born people I work with think you are amazingly smart and wonderous that you have come this far.

    Honestly, they freak out when I mention it. I tell them that I already knew how smart and wonderous you are.