Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 14, 2011 – Has Anyone Seen the Sun?

I’m not really complaining, but it seemed like an appropriate title.  Yesterday the thunderstorm pretty much lasted all day.  Which made it a difficult day for the beastly boy; usually I take him out in the morning, then sometimes around noon, and then at 5.  Mostly so he gets out of the house.  Yesterday that did not happen.  He got out in the morning but when my options were take the dog outside and risk being a human lightening rod, I opted for staying indoors.  Fortunately, the beastly boy agreed with me.  Around 7:00 we got a break in the storm and this is the only place where you could see something other than dark clouds:

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  1. I loove your camera! My dog is shacking uncontrollably and hides under the bed where she gets stuck every time, cause it is hard wood floors. So when I am not home I can't wait to rush home, I know where she is stuck Sigh...they are soo cute