Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 13, 2011 – Exercise/Running

I know you are just dying to hear a weather report, wet & rainy.  Last night we had quite the light show.  The flashes of lightening were coming so fast it was like the sky had a giant disco strobe light.  Fortunately there was not much thunder so the beastly boy did not feel compelled to cawl under the bed.
My neighbor and I attempted to run yesterday.  Our mistake was going at 11:00.  Ah, yeah, NO.  Way too hot. There are fountains all over town and I seriously considered climbing into one, or at the very least sticking my head under the water.  While running complaining I kept thinking about Tim O’Brien.  He’s a guy I went to HS with who runs… a lot.  Like NY Marathon lot.  Anyway the same thought kept running through my head.  OMG how does Tim O’Brien do this?  He must be insane.  Of course I have no idea if he runs in the middle of the day (which I will now avoid until September) but still.  That is what I was thinking.  Tim O’Brien = Insanity at least in relation to running.

I don’t know that I will ever get to the point where I really enjoy running or even kind of like it.  I do like how I feel when I feel “good” while running.  Right now I am still working up from the “I want to die stage” while running.  Maybe in another week or so I’ll feel a bit better.  I also like feeling fit and I want to lose a little weight.  So the running is here to stay.  I do however miss the weight lifting and my joints are starting to complain.  I know that seems contradictory but lifting weights prevents my shoulders and back from aching but this is another one of those things that I have trouble doing on my own.  Al, I miss you but just think of the challenge you’ll have getting me back into shape when I come back to the US in 2013.

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  1. I have stopped exercising myself. I used ot do it on lunch but for the last 6 months i haven't taken lunch. weight lifting is my # 1 priority due to my spine arthritis....very good very spine aches soo to get in the habit of going again. now that i stopped traveling for a while. I envy you my friend. I loved short distance running, could never do the long distance. After a while my arms felt like they were led...and my side would feel like someone was trying to cut me open from inside out. Keep doing it! My hat is off to you!