Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11, 2011 – Weekend Update

Let me just state right at the beginning that we did not make it to the scary bridge this weekend.  However, that is still on our todo list.  Unfortunately, we did manage to go to the movies.  Yes, I did say unfortunately.  We went to see, and I’m embarrassed to say this, “Bad Teacher.”  Please learn from our mistake.  The title of the movie is absolutely accurate, with the emphasis on “bad”.  I’ve seen some movies that were so unintentionally bad that they were in fact funny.  This one did not even achieve that standard.   L’s comment after the movie was “My time would have been better spent sitting home watching a couple of episodes of Hoarders.”  I think that pretty much says it all.

On another note, all of the apartments in our complex have floor to ceiling windows that span the outer wall of the building.  Now, I’m just going to mention the obvious.  If you live in an apartment that has floor to ceiling windows, and it’s dark outside, and you have the lights on inside…. Maybe, just maybe you don’t want to stand infront of said windows in your BVD’s while chatting on the phone.  I take that back, forget the phone.  Maybe you don’t want to stand in front of the windows in your BVD’s under any circumstances.  I’m just saying.

Sunday the Zurich Iron Man happened and the 140km bike portion went past our neighborhood down the semi scary hill.  (Semi scary when compared to the really scary steep hill that is our road).  It was pretty cool to see the cyclists riding by, even cooler because there were a few women competing that we also saw.  One guy careening down the hill yelled “This is some scary s*6t” in a thick Irish accent.

My neighbor and I finally went running again.  We ran both Saturday and Sunday.  Today my legs are reminding me that I have not run consistently in a very long time, but mentally I feel good about it and tomorrow I will run again.

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  1. Now I don't feel so bad about watching a Hoarders: Buried Alive marathon yesterday. At least I know it could have been worse. :)

    Glad you're getting back on the running track.