Friday, July 29, 2011

July 29, 2011 - Weekend Plans

We're getting ready to head to Amsterdam tomorrow.  Now mind you I'm a little nervous because the guy who is going to watch Ernie/stay in the apartment hasn't come by to get the key yet.  Normally this would not concern me, but today it's causing me angst.  He's a relaible guy, a good guy, but our neighbors are not around so if he doesn't come get the key I haven't a clue what I'm supposed to do.  Do I have a phone number for him?  No, it wouldn't help me his english is not so hot and here's a shock, my Spanish is only slightly better than my Geman.  A direct result of having taken 7 years of spanish in school.  7 years and I can remember the following words:  Hola, Playa, Bano, Cervesa.  I'm thinking those last two are the most inportant.

Once Carlos shows up and gets the key to the apartment, I'll start getting excited about the trip, because I really am looking forward to the adventure.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 28, 2011 – SPAM

Not the kind you can eat (not that I have) but the annoying kind you get in your email.  I’m not sure what has happened but more SPAM has been making it through my SPAM filter lately and under normal circumstances I find it disturbing.  I really do not need to enhance body parts that I do not have.  However, just a few moments ago I received a SPAM from “Christian Dating” with the subject “View Photos of Christian Singles”.

This I find intriguing and a little worrisome.  Seriously, do they think I am going to open that email?  Forget that I am not single and not looking to “date”; I’m of the belief that any email that starts with the subject “View Photos….” Is pretty much a red flag and my imagination can take over from there.  For all I know there is some guy out there by the name of “Christian” and the email has some embedded code that will instantly take me to a porn site that is also somehow connected to that enhancement email I get periodically.  Just thinking about it makes me want to pluck out my eyes.

Here’s another SPAM I received today from “Hookups” with the subject “Ex Ex Has Recently Searched for You.”   Ok and…. First off if this was a legitimate email that knew who my Ex’s were then they would know not to tell me that one of them searched for me, unless it included a reference for “Quick go get a restraining order.”  Seriously, my “dating” history is riddled with incredibly funny stories of incredibly poor choices.  How else would I have come up with my list of things I looked for in a mate:  “Not an Alcoholic, Not a convicted Felon, No history of diagnosed mental illness, has a job, and is nice” and too think some people thought I was being too picky. 

And finally from “Faith Singles”  “Find your Christian Soulmate”.  Um, maybe Faith Singles should “Hookup” with Christian Dating instead of spamming me because I’m willing to bet cold hard cash I do not meet ANY of their required criteria and more importantly L would be VERY unhappy with me ;).  You might as well SPAM me with “eHarmony”

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 27, 2011 - Still Nothing

Alright, by now you would think I had something to tell you, but no.  It has stopped raining at and hopefully that will continue for awhile.  Work is VERY busy and I am trying to stay motivated.  Oh and our neighbors put out "Have A Heart" traps in their yard.  Ok I don't think they are all that have a heart.  Yesterday moring at 6am I heard this banging and went to investigate.  There was a young, what I initially thought was a fox, pup in the trap and a another older one pacing the wall above the trap.  Now I think it might have been a coyote but I have no idea if they have them in Switzerland.  Regardless, when the older one saw me it took off making a distressed sound.  So now I'm stuck thinking that my neigbors seperated a pup from its mom and I feel bad for both the mom and the pup.  Stupid neighbors.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011 – Weekend Update

I know you have been waiting with baited breath to find out how L and I spent the weekend.  Ok maybe you weren’t really that concerned but I’m telling you anyway.  No surprise it rained, so we went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 …. In 3D.  I highlighted that last part because we did not realize when we arrived at the theater that the movie was in 3D.  Which made an already expensive outing all that more expensive, but hey I am now the proud owner of Harry Potter Special Edition 3D reusable glasses. 

Fine, that’s my own designation for them but how else am I to refer to them?  We got them at a Harry Potter movie.  They MUST be special.  Oh and they are oh so attractive.  Fortunately they are large enough to fit over my normal glasses, but please do not wear them as sunglasses… they have no UV protection.  OK Who would wear these glasses as sunglasses?  Seriously, they are not attractive.  Oh fine, sure there are some people out there that would wear them.  Oh so the movie, I enjoyed it.  I’m not sure what added benefit the 3D effects provided but there was one scene where a couple of the death eaters looked like they were floating in the theater itself, but for 50chf I want a death eater to sit next to me and feed me popcorn.  Well, maybe not a “death eater” but you get my drift.

While we were in the city and there was a break in the rain we also took the opportunity to go see the giant spider sculpture at the end of Lake Zurich.  I didn’t have my camera with me at the time but I made a special trip back on Sunday to snap some picture.  Ok let me just say right off the bat.  The 1st thing I thought when I saw the spider was:  “This is an almost perfect rendition of what I see during my mid-level night terrors”; all joking aside, seriously.  I also say “mid-level” because on those few instances when I have had a severe night terror (pre-medication) I don’t see a spider at all.  I’m just terrified out of my mind and need to get away from… something.  Those are the times when I have actually run and woken up on the other side of the house.  Anyway, here’s the sculpture.  It’s actually pretty cool/creepy; whomever created it even incuded “eggs” in the sack hanging down.  Gross.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

July 22, 2011

Yes it is still raining but considering its going to be 100 degrees in CT I wont complain... too much.  I have, however, noticed that when I attempt to take the beast outside it seems to rain even harder.  Is there such a thing as a weather conspiracy?

My best guess is that there will be no scary bridge this weekend.  Although I bet the bridge is even scarier in the rain and wind, but that would be lousy for pictures.

The beasts girlfriend broke up with us today.  Annabelle, the woman who comes on Friday's to clean the house, she got a one house gig.  Very good for her, bad for us and very sad for Ernie.  He waits for her on Friday mornings.  I don't know if its the accumulation of dog hair floating around that signals its time for Anna's arrival or his stomache saying treats are on the way.  Regardless, he always seems to know she is on her way.  I suggested that she might need to periodically come by and visist so Ernie doesn't fall into a depression.  I wont tell him that its unlikely to happen.  Can dogs get Dear John letters?

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 21. 2011 - German Lessons Update

No this wont be nearly as amusing as my previous Berlitz Waterboarding German Lessons.  I was asked yesterday how my German was coming along and frankly I have let it slide.  I can kind of sort of understand very simple things people say to me if they say them slow enough.  I'm also completely overcome with vocal paralysis at the thought of responding to someone in German.  Oye.

Today I am officially announcing that I have restarted my German Lessons.  Well my, "teach yourself German" lessons using Pimsleur's CD's.  I've got them loaded on my iPod and damn it all I am going to finish working mmy way through the introduction.  Heck, it's only because if Pimsleur that I am even able to say anything in German.. outload... to a live human being.  So what if it's only: "I only understand a little German... just a little."  My next goal phrase:  "Could you repeat that please... slowly?"

Today, Lesson 4 where I learn how to say "I'm well, and you?"

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 20, 2011 - Random Whatnots

  • It seems that the weather forecast for the rest of the week.weekend is rain.  Here's to hoping they are as accurate with weather here as they are in CT, because I want to make plans for Saturday that require outdoors and cameras.
  • The boy is sound asleep under my desk with his feet stuck between the casters of my chair and his head resting on one of the roller legs.  I'm trapped.
  • Laundry would be more fun if the bed sheets put themselves back on the bed.  Although, that might make it creepy to sleep on ... "when sheets attack."
  • The marshmalow treats I made yesterday with fruity pebbles really are too sweet, but that hasn't stopped me from eating them.  (Sorry Al)
  • Friday I'm supposed to take L to work and go running with her and her trainer.  I wonder if they will still run outside if it rains.  I'm ok with it.
  • I just finished reading Carson Taite's "The Best Defense" and I want to write a review but I am at a loss for words.
  • Brandi Carlile, I like her music
  • Time for work....

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19, 2011 – Marshmallow Treats

This afternoon I used the ingredients our friends sent us and made Fruity Pebbles Marshmallow Treats.  First let me point out that Fruity Pebbles don’t look anything like pebbles.  Somehow I was expecting tiny round cereal thingy’s but no that is not the case.  They kind of remind me of Special K, only colorful and highly sugared.  I can’t imagine how this actually qualifies as a breakfast cereal.  Dessert maybe, breakfast food.. no.  Heck Frosted Flakes have less sugar flavor (IMO).  So I made the marshmallow treats, but the recipe (yes there is an actual recipe) calls for a greased foil lined pan.  What does that mean?  Was I supposed the grease the pan and then line it with tin foil?  Line the pan with tin foil and then grease the foil?  It makes no sense to me so I went with a greased pan, no foil.  We may never get those treats out of the pan.  Oh and if you don’t hear from me tomorrow, we got the treats out of the pan and I slipped into a sugar induced coma.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

July 18, 2011 – Monday

Really do I need to say anymore?  It’s Monday, I’m working; data conversion, math, analysis… It’s actually not as bad as it might seem.  I keep telling myself that as my left eye twitches.  I fixed a client data conversion over the weekend and now I am trying to balance the $ to what the client is expecting.  I’m sooooo close.  In fact I am within an acceptable CAB differential on quite a few of the policies (I realize I left out some information; I’m converting data from a one policy administration system to a different newer better one.  Policies: Think Workers Compensation Insurance or if that means nothing think Auto) but there are a couple of strange policies where I am way off.  I think this is because the structure of these policies didn’t exist when I started mapping and writing the conversion.  Good times.  Hence the eye twitching as I try to find a solution

I’m going to make this a good day for myself

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 14, 2011 – Has Anyone Seen the Sun?

I’m not really complaining, but it seemed like an appropriate title.  Yesterday the thunderstorm pretty much lasted all day.  Which made it a difficult day for the beastly boy; usually I take him out in the morning, then sometimes around noon, and then at 5.  Mostly so he gets out of the house.  Yesterday that did not happen.  He got out in the morning but when my options were take the dog outside and risk being a human lightening rod, I opted for staying indoors.  Fortunately, the beastly boy agreed with me.  Around 7:00 we got a break in the storm and this is the only place where you could see something other than dark clouds:

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 13, 2011 – Exercise/Running

I know you are just dying to hear a weather report, wet & rainy.  Last night we had quite the light show.  The flashes of lightening were coming so fast it was like the sky had a giant disco strobe light.  Fortunately there was not much thunder so the beastly boy did not feel compelled to cawl under the bed.
My neighbor and I attempted to run yesterday.  Our mistake was going at 11:00.  Ah, yeah, NO.  Way too hot. There are fountains all over town and I seriously considered climbing into one, or at the very least sticking my head under the water.  While running complaining I kept thinking about Tim O’Brien.  He’s a guy I went to HS with who runs… a lot.  Like NY Marathon lot.  Anyway the same thought kept running through my head.  OMG how does Tim O’Brien do this?  He must be insane.  Of course I have no idea if he runs in the middle of the day (which I will now avoid until September) but still.  That is what I was thinking.  Tim O’Brien = Insanity at least in relation to running.

I don’t know that I will ever get to the point where I really enjoy running or even kind of like it.  I do like how I feel when I feel “good” while running.  Right now I am still working up from the “I want to die stage” while running.  Maybe in another week or so I’ll feel a bit better.  I also like feeling fit and I want to lose a little weight.  So the running is here to stay.  I do however miss the weight lifting and my joints are starting to complain.  I know that seems contradictory but lifting weights prevents my shoulders and back from aching but this is another one of those things that I have trouble doing on my own.  Al, I miss you but just think of the challenge you’ll have getting me back into shape when I come back to the US in 2013.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 12, 2011 – Hot Air and Question Marks

Sure I can be full of hot air at times, but this is what floated by the other day.

It is not one of the more colorful hot air balloons that I have seen in the past, but it does have a phone number on it.  I’m also pretty sure that it is referring to itself as a “taxi”.  I can’t image that it’s a very effective taxi but it does make me wonder if the charge by the mile/kilometer.  There are days when I think going for a hot air balloon ride would be cool.  Maybe not entire “days”, possibly just “moments” when I think it would be cool.  Then I realize it would also be scary.

My friend D just called and I told her that I got my haircut.  As a matter of fact my haircut is verging on almost as short as D’s was post brain surgery, less the giant question mark on the side of her skull.  At which point I realized that if I did have her giant brain surgery question mark on my head I would definitely where my hair surgery short.  Then I would make up stories about how I acquired said question mark.  “I was abducted by aliens”, “As a child I went on a field trip to farmer Brown’s and a cow kicked me in the head”, “It’s a birth mark… doesn’t everyone have one?”  “It’s the result of exploratory surgery, they were trying to determine if the squeaking I was hearing was a gerbil on a wheel.  A little DW30 later… good as new.”  Ooohh… I was briefly engaged to the Riddler…. I think that would be my favorite response if I had a question mark on my head.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11, 2011 – Weekend Update

Let me just state right at the beginning that we did not make it to the scary bridge this weekend.  However, that is still on our todo list.  Unfortunately, we did manage to go to the movies.  Yes, I did say unfortunately.  We went to see, and I’m embarrassed to say this, “Bad Teacher.”  Please learn from our mistake.  The title of the movie is absolutely accurate, with the emphasis on “bad”.  I’ve seen some movies that were so unintentionally bad that they were in fact funny.  This one did not even achieve that standard.   L’s comment after the movie was “My time would have been better spent sitting home watching a couple of episodes of Hoarders.”  I think that pretty much says it all.

On another note, all of the apartments in our complex have floor to ceiling windows that span the outer wall of the building.  Now, I’m just going to mention the obvious.  If you live in an apartment that has floor to ceiling windows, and it’s dark outside, and you have the lights on inside…. Maybe, just maybe you don’t want to stand infront of said windows in your BVD’s while chatting on the phone.  I take that back, forget the phone.  Maybe you don’t want to stand in front of the windows in your BVD’s under any circumstances.  I’m just saying.

Sunday the Zurich Iron Man happened and the 140km bike portion went past our neighborhood down the semi scary hill.  (Semi scary when compared to the really scary steep hill that is our road).  It was pretty cool to see the cyclists riding by, even cooler because there were a few women competing that we also saw.  One guy careening down the hill yelled “This is some scary s*6t” in a thick Irish accent.

My neighbor and I finally went running again.  We ran both Saturday and Sunday.  Today my legs are reminding me that I have not run consistently in a very long time, but mentally I feel good about it and tomorrow I will run again.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

July 8, 2011 - Weekend Plans

Ok is it me? or did everyone's "blogger" screen take on a new and not so helpful layout/look and feel?  I do not like this, then again I am old and adverse to unexpected changes.... *sigh*

Thank goodness it’s Friday.  Fine a little cliché but I mean it.  For a short week, this has felt like an incredibly long one.

Sunday is the Zurich Ironman.  No I am not competing, unless it’s really the iron lung because I get exhausted just thinking about it.  However, I would like to watch part of the event, and I believe that the cycling rides right past town.

I also want to go here: Trift Bridge

Maybe, if L and I are both feeling good we can make that happen.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 7, 2011 – Part 2 and Other Stuff

I’ve lost track of the days.  It could be a result of the holiday or plane ride Thursday, Sunday, & Monday.  Yes, I think this past week could be classified as Trains, Planes and Automobiles, less the trains.

Friday night we were in Detroit so we went to see a Tigers game (I almost said Lions… hey they are both really big cats it’s easy to confuse them).  The game was pretty good, the last two innings were great and I’ll praise all the gods and goddesses out there that there were no extra innings.  The best thing about the game?  The stadium was really cool and I’m sorry to say I did not have my camera.  (I forgot we were going to a game).  Liz took a picture of one of the giant tiger statues for me but the darned thing wont download so just imagine a really cool looking GIANT tiger growling and swatting it’s paw at pedestrians.  Ok fine, its cooler to see than to imagine.

I also had a fun conversation with L’s sister in law about night terrors.  She asked if I tell the flight attendants that I have them.  Which was an interesting question because no, it’s never occurred to me to mention to a flight attendant on the flight back to Zurich; “Oh by the way, if I fall asleep there is always the distinct possibility I might scream as if I am being murdered.”  I also briefly wondered about the likelihood that I could leap up screaming and make a run for it.  THAT would make for a really funny story.  “Woman tackled by Air Marshal on AA flight…”  Then I realized that I have a seatbelt on and I doubt I would have enough sense in my sleep to unbuckle it in the middle of a night terror.  So if you are wondering, no I don’t tell the flight attendants that I have a sleep disorder that may result in my screaming.  To my knowledge it’s only kind of sort of happened once and I didn’t scream so much as I gasped.  If I actually ever do have a full night terror on a plane it will make for another amusing story.  Well at least for me, maybe not so much for the people sitting in the cabin who might actually be subjected to the event, but hey a girl has to have some fun.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 6, 2011 - Part 1

Morning all, no I have not fallen off the face of the earth.  It just feels that way.  We got back to Switzerland early yesterday morning.  Of course I had to work, but it became obvious that I was exhausted when on several occassions I realized that my eyes were closed.  Ok fine I only realized that because my head snapped forward and came perilously close to slamming into my laptop.

Needless to say I overslept this .... afternoon... so I'll ask for forgiveness and promise to update you on last weeks events later today.

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