Thursday, June 9, 2011

June 9, 2011 – Musical Shuffle a.k.a “Where did that come from?”

Ok 1st it seems that my iPod is in a weird time warp.  The last 3 songs that played were:

Dusty Springfield’s “Son of a Preacher Man” - I like this song but have no idea how it got onto my music collection

The Happenings “See You in September” – This is god awful and I can only assume that some gremlin snuck in during the night and downloaded this song

Then the real killer the song “Solitare”:  ok kill me please, this is AM radio from the 70’s awful.  At least I  know how it got on my iPod.  Apparently, Jann Arden felt the need to cover this song.  Why Jann?  Seriously, WHY?  I managed to suffer through a few lines before my ears started to bleed and I skipped forward.  What’s next up in the list:

Barry White singing “Baby, We Better Try to Get It Together.”  Well at least that’s a decent song, unfortunately it was immediately followed by

Nicole Atkins singing Blue Christmas.   Ok who the heck is Nicole Atkins and why is she singing a Christmas song in June?  SKIPPING

Beth Orton’s I wish I never Saw the Sunshine.  I like Beth, I really do, but is my iPod stays on this path I’m going to start wishing I never got out of bed.

Norah Jones – Until The End  Where have all the upbeat songs gone?

Ahhh… Annie Lennox – Legend in My Living Room

My OCD is kicking in and I feel compelled to make it through 10 songs before I can end my (and by default your) torture.

Matchbox Twenty – Crutch

Bonnie Raitt – Spit of Love.

What is my iPod trying to tell me?  My Musical horror scope…

I am going to run into… “The Son of A Preacher Man.”  He’s not really my type so I will tell him… “See you in September.”  Being the son of a Preacher Man and kind of full of himself he won’t take the hint so I will have to be blunt and explain that I would rather play… “Solitare” than be forced to hang out with him.  Which of course he’ll counter with but…“Baby, We Better Try to Get it Together.”  I can hear the conversation in my head as if it weren’t just the random voices trying to make something of nothing Preacher Boy is just going to have to put up with having a “Blue Christmas”… and get over it because … “until the end” of the world or when I become a … “Legend in My Living Room”, whichever comes first, he can’t use me as a …”Crutch” because that would just be insulting as if someone were to “Spit of Love”.  Ok that last one makes no sense.  Fine none of this makes any sense but I made a promise to myself I would try and blog every day.   This was my best effort today.  Welcome to the inner working of my imagination.

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