Friday, June 3, 2011

June 3, 2011 – Ridiculous Thoughts

 I have no idea what possesses me to have these ridiculous conversations with myself.. over and over again.  Today, I’m trying to make an appointment to get my haircut and at the same time I am debating NOT getting my haircut.  I’ve gone so far as to say I wont get my haircut until December and then maybe not even then.   I’m already 5 weeks since my last haircut and frankly considering a haircut has been crossing my mind for at least 2 weeks I can’t imagine how twitchy I would be attempting to go an additional 6 months without one.  Although, I have this crazy fantasy that my hair would get long…ish and I would wear it in a pony tail tied back with a leather strap.  If you have ever seen me in person you are probably hysterically laughing at that imagery.  Not the fact that I would wear a ponytail.  I have, in the past… when I was in college and too poor for a haircut.  The last time I was even remotely able to do that was 1990.  No the laughter would be that even if I did not cut my hair for an additional 6 months there is no way it would be long enough for a pony tail.  Well maybe a very short, painful pony tail.  Needless to say the very next thought that runs through my head is the extreme polar opposite, Annie Lennox short.  Although if I think about it I think my last haircut 5 weeks ago was that short and I LOVED it. 

Ok I know why I am having these debates, because the girl who cuts my hair here does an OK job but she does not do an “I LOVE IT” job like Daniel does when I am home.  I am sane enough to know that flying home every 4 – 5 weeks for a haircut is a little overkill.  J

Daniel has even told me why I don’t love the haircut that the woman does for me.  Something about when Daniel cuts my hair he follows the shape of my head and she doesn’t and to get a really good short haircut you have to follow the shape.  I’ll take his word for it, I just put it down to Daniel is magical and my head has at least one major dent from the time I caught a line drive softball in the side of the head.  I have no idea why they are called “soft” balls. They aren’t soft at all, especially when a guy hits a line drive and you are on the pitchers’ mound.

Now that thought makes me count how many times I’ve been struck in the head and lost consciousness, yes they are different numbers.  Head striking I think 3 maybe 4, head stricking and loss of consciousness… 2.  Do you know what I find most amusing about the loss of consciousness thing?  People (usually doctors) ask “How long were you unconscious?”  “Um, I don’t know I was UNCONSCIOUS.  How long does it take to stop play of a field hockey game and get couches and players in a circle around you?”

Well enough rambling, happy Friday all.

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  1. Well it takes 5 minutes to get the couch off the curb and over to the sidelines, so you were out for 10 minutes.

    And just picturing you waiting 2 more months and then looking like Pipi Longstocking with little pigtails sticking straight up.



  2. Your rambling reminded me of this video I was emailed a few weeks ago: It's easy to get distracted.

  3. Have you considered a barber?

    i was thinking the same thing i let my hair grow up until last saturday, it was pretty long ..but i was at the part when the hair was bothering my eye really if i could just pass that 2 week period that i would have suffered, but nope i just went to the barber and chopped it off


  4. second vote for a barber....

    I like the pipi idea.