Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 21, 2011 - Random Thoughts

  • I jinxed myself.  A few days ago I made the mistake of commenting that I hadn't had a nightmare/night terror in a week or so.  *Sigh* So now I'm making up for lost time, I think I'm on day 4 of "mild" screaming.  The bright side:
    •  most of them have just been nightmares and not night terrors,
    • I haven't actually woken up every time
    • the spider was small last night (versus the size of a ceiling fan)
    • my screams hav not been loud enough for the neighbors to hear... I hope.
  • When someone decides they want to be a grape farmer, do they also decide if they want to be a raisin farmer or are raisins just grapes gone bad..
  • Baby grapes or perhaps Baby Raisins

The steep hill

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  1. love the grape/raisin thoughts.... hope your night terrors stop soon...

  2. I always wonder if you could raise them to stay on the vine until they become wine...