Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20, 2011 – Weekend Update

The weather was WILD this weekend; Rain, Wind, more Rain, more Wind broken occasionally by 15 minute intervals of sun.  Strange.

This weekend was Zurich Pride so Saturday L and I decided we would head into the city to watch the parade.  These are the pictures I took …..

…. What?  You don’t see any pictures?  Ah, well we didn’t see a parade.  I don’t think we had the wrong location, they published a map.  Regardless we saw nada, nothing.  Seriously, nothing.  We traipsed around a looking for evidence of a parade in progress, noise, drums, horns, people… trash.  Maybe rain melted everyone.  It was not a total bust because we did stop at the chocolate store before heading back home.  We also decided we would try hitting the festival on Sunday.  Well I’m sorry to report that we had no better luck with the festival, although we did see where it should have been, as the crew were bringing down the tent poles in the random torrential downpour.  So this weekend gets classified as a bit of a bust.

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  1. :) there is a documentary about Pride all over the world very interesting
    Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride