Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9, 2011 - Weekend Update

Our Friends M & L arrived on Saturday morning.  After picking them up at the airport we decided to take advantage of the fact that they were still awake so after dropping off luggage and greeting the beastly boy we took them into Zurich to wander around the city a little and grab a bite to eat.  What is the 1st meal they eat in Switzerland… pizza.  I know, but at least it was out doors and served by Swiss Italians.  After lunch jet lag started to rear its ugly head so we took them back to the apartment.

Starting clockwise from the right (my L, me, L, and M).  Aren't L & M a good looking couple?

Saturday evening we had burgers and S’Mores.  The chef did an excellent job if I do say so myself.

Sunday M wanted to see “castles” so we headed out to Bad, we figured was could see a couple of Castles, the casino, and check out the thermal baths we heard about during the winter.

1st up the castle.  Unfortunately, I did not pay attention to the name but legend has it that one of the orginal owners of the castle killed a dragon that lived in the area.   Considering part of the castle is from 1100 I don’t think there is anyone around to dispute that claim.

This is the castle:

We also encountered the guardian of the castle:

Don’t let her looks fool you, deep down there is a vicious dog in there…. somewhere.  Possibly in her tail with was a blur of wagging.  Of course it could also be that she’s built as a distraction until something more deadly sneaks up on you while you run this one’s belly.  We obviously were not considered threats since we didn’t encounter any other attack animals/dragons.

We were hard pressed not to take this little girl home with us, but we assumed that sooner or later the owners would claim her again.

Overall we had a great weekend and this morning, my L, M & L hopped on a train to Paris.  My L went for work and the others are off touring.  They’ll be back Thursday night for more adventures.

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  1. I loove the way you write! I enjoy reading you. Thank you. Could you tell me what type of camera are you using? Takes great pictures

  2. L&M are almost as cute a couple as you and L.

    and that little guard dog is a furrocious cutie!