Monday, May 30, 2011

May 30, 2011 – Weekend Update

I know you are dying to know how I spent my weekend.  Well, I’m not sure you will be able to handle all the excitement.  Let’s see the weather was BEAUTIFUL and I slept A LOT.  Yes I am still suffering through this summer cold and pick eye.  So when I wasn’t sleeping I was dropping liquid fire into my eyes.  I think my head cold may be winding down.  I suspect that it’s decided that my inability to breath and the slight possibility I might faint should I take the beastly boy for a walk can’t really compete with me voluntarily making my eyes feel like they are going to burst into flames.  Maybe that’s not the best description. Imagine when you eat ice cream too fast and you get that stabbing pain in your eye a few seconds later. That’s kind of what it feels like without the fun of actually eating ice cream.

I did read three books this weekend… I’ll tell you about them tomorrow.

I have 19 days to get in shape for a 10k on June 19th in Bern.  What?  Unrealistic?  No, I haven’t run in more than a month.  Ok the last day I actually “ran” ran with any sense of being able to run…. April 24th.    I can do it.  Ok so really I just want to be able to run 3 miles without stopping then I figure I can walk/run the rest of the way.  Ok when you stop laughing at the absurdity of that statement considering my recent lack of good health.  I’m going to give it a try…. Starting tomorrow… hopefully.  Really, my head has to clear up some time and what’s the worst that can happen?  I faint.  What the heck, I’m living in a foreign country if I faint I won’t know what anyone is saying as the point and laugh.  Although, maybe I should rethink that, because if they call medical support I won’t know what they are saying either.  Can you imagine?  It would be like being transported into an episode of “The Peanuts” where all you here the adults say is “Waa waaa waaa”

L is off to St. Gallen for a 3 day wrok meeting.  I think that her company is just sending her there so they can eat St. Gallen bread and cheese.  My biggest decision today will be what to have for dinner, maybe I should have bought some ketchup.

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  1. wa waa wa wa wa

    Wish that you could get past this cold. Be sure to keep hydrated and stuff.

    Wonder if you can get ketchup delivery?