Friday, May 27, 2011

May 27, 2011 – Pity Party

Just a quick note and then onto the party… Mom and Dad are in transit back to the US today.  We took the train to the plane, got the settled in the check-in line, said hello to the AA concierge guy (I don’t really know his title, but we see him frequently and because L travels(ed) so much he knows her.  He married his partner a few weeks ago and we got to ask how that went.  He was THRILLED and gave us some of the details.  He was literally beaming.  Anyway, Mom and Dad’s plane has taken off and they should be back in the US later today, fighting NYC Memorial Day Weekend Traffic.

Ok Pity Party time….

I woke up this morning with… conjunctivitis.  OK fine, pink eye.  As if a head cold isn’t enough to keep me busy.  Mom left behind one of her unopened bottles of pink eye fixer upper Rx so at least I was able to put some drops in immediately.  I also stopped at the Apothecary this morning, after googling the German translation for: “do you have anything to treat conjunctivitis?”   The answer:  Why yes, yes we do and we don’t need a Rx in Swizerland for a disinfectant eye wash.  Ok maybe I jumped to the pity part a little early, but we’re getting to it.

I am raising hand washing to OCD levels at this point in time.  I’m also washing our bed sheets in scalding.  Yes that is a temperature setting.  I do not want L getting pink eye.  Oye. 

Oh and since I woke up with the beginnings of it, I know that I don’t want to put my hands anywhere near my face.  Of course that means MY EYES ITCH.  It’s like when they tell you to fast for 24 hours before going to a doctor.  Sure you’re never hungry until they say you can’t eat.   

Now I’m desperately aware of my hands and face and I still have a head cold.  Have you ever tried blowing your nose without getting near your face?  Yeah, exactly, again OCD hand washing occurring here.  I’m also considering purchasing one of those lamp shade collars they put on dogs to stop them from chewing things when they are healing.  The thing stopping me, well there are several:

I don’t think I could see my computer screen if I’m wearing one of those, and I can’t type without looking at the keyboard.

I don’t think that there is any reasonable google translation that would explain why I want to purchase one of those collars for myself.

This ends the pity party…

In the meantime no one is saying I can’t eat so I’m drinking hot chocolate with stale marshmallows mixed in.  Feel free to grab a cup on my behalf.

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  1. I confess I giggled a little at the "cone of shame".....

    Beyond that, I hear chocolate or fudge brownies are good for itchy eyes. I forget which so better try both.

  2. That sounds like one distracting and annoying condition. I hope it clears up soon!