Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 24, 2011 – Random Thoughts

How is it I can survive the entire winter without getting a cold and now, in the nice weather I think I have a head cold?  It’s just wrong.

Vitamin C and Echinacea would be more fun to ingest as a dessert.

 Donald Trump – I am sooooooo bummed that he’s decided to not run for President of The United States.  I mean who else could possibly be more qualified?  Although Air Force One might have wreaked havoc on his hairdo.

Speaking of Donald, I think I should pitch him a new idea The Apprentice.  He could get all the Presidential Candidates on and call it Political Apprentice, at least then the race might be somewhat amusing and there would be no way for the candidates to hide just how crazy/idiotic they are.

The beastly boy:

Ok I just have a thing for how cute he is when he is asleep.  That and I can’t figure out how he sleeps with his tongue out and eyes partially open.

I think I have given up any hope of running the ½ marathon I signed up for in late June.  My training has been at a complete standstill since I got back.  I tried to run Monday which was quite a treat.  That was said sarcastically, between the heart racing and being winded I am starting from ground zero.  I’m not even shooting for feeling 100% better, how about 90%.

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  1. Head colds just suck. Feel better soon!

    I love that tongue sticking out - too, too cute. :)

  2. eee the spring cold. yuck. Feel better soon.

    though how can you feel bad with that OMG SQUEEEE cuteness of a puppy.... That is too cute for words.