Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011 – Weekend Round Up – Brugge Belgium

Friday morning we got up, hopped into the car and headed out on our road trip.  8+ hours and 4 countries later; Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, and Belgium we arrived in Brugge.  It was a long trip but we stopped in Colmar France for a few hours, ate some lunch and then hit the road again.  I did all the driving so when we started passing wind farms I had to count on my Dad to snap some pictures for me.  I assumed that none of my passengers (or the other people on the road) would appreciate me hanging out the car window trying to snap a pic while I was driving.  When Mom & Dad get back from Paris I’ll show those to you.

Brugge itself; we arrived about 8:00 pm and let’s just say that I am grateful that we arrived on Friday evening and not Saturday.  What a mad house of people, bikes and cars on Saturday.  I was terrified maneuvering the cobblestone streets without all the cars and bikes.  We would not have survived on Saturday.

On Saturday we came across Cinerella’s Wedding, or at least some woman’s wedding and her Cinderella Carriage.

I also came across a scary puppet.  Seriously this picture does not do this puppet justice.  It’s face is the thing nightmares are made of… or Stephen King novels.

Were you aware that there is a debate over whose chocolate is better, Belgium vs Switzerland? There is a noticeable difference in texture and flavor but I think I have to make a study of it before I come to any final conclusions.

Just a couple of pictures from the old towne square:

Oh and obviously since I’m back, the Rapture did not happen.  It’s a good thing to, because there are more countries that I want to go see. 

 Happy Monday!

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  1. Brugge is absolutely my favorite city in the world. A fairy tale city where they served me chocolate for breakfast. Though I was there many years ago before 'everyone else' discovered it. Thanks for the pix, they brought back fond memories.