Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2, 2011 – Weekend Roundup and A Riddle

I’d like to tell you about all the crazy and exciting things that L and I did this weekend, but since I woke up Friday feeling like I swallowed glass I spent most of the weekend doing my best to avoid an introduction to the Swiss Healthcare system.  I laymen’s terms: I slept a lot and drank extraordinary amounts of liquid.  I can happily report that I am feeling better.  I’m still tired and need more sleep, but the sore throat, throbbing head has migrated to a routine head cold.  I’ll take it.  As for the Swiss Healthcare, yes I know they have a very good system, but we opted to maintain our US health insurance for a variety of reasons but the two most important:

(A) I really don’t want to change GYN’s.  Seriously, I don’t know of any woman who has a good relationship with her GYN that would willingly change to a new one.  It takes and act of God or the death of the doctor.  Besides I already had to find someone to cut my hair over here; that was traumatic enough.

(B)  Hello “night terrors” I dread explaining night terrors to a new doctor in the US.  Heck when I switched who I was going to for general medicine and had to explain my medical history we ran into a slight bump in the road on that topic.  I can get a little ornery when a doctor gives me the impression that I am “stupid” or that they don’t believe me and I really don’t appreciate it when said doctor tries to classify my “sleep disorder” (because that is what it is) with an “anxiety disorder”.  I also don’t appreciate it when someone says “Well how do you know that you have .  My inside voice says “Well hell, I just thought it would be fun to pull some crazy incurable disorder out of ass because it sounds fun.”  My outside voice laced with a heavy dose of sarcasm says “Um, because I was seen by a specialist who after numerous tests DIAGNOSED it.”  Geez I got sidetracked and I even managed to annoy myself just thinking about the conversation.  Can you imagine me trying to explain this in German?  Exactly, so US healthcare and if we have an emergency we see a Swiss Doc, pay the bill and submit a request for reimbursement from our insurance.

Enough of that – in between the sleeping, and napping on Sunday we did have some fun. 

What do you get when you have peeps, thin mint girlscout cookies, and a bar-b-q fork?


 Step 1: Lay out the supplies

Step 2: Impale the Peeps

Step 3: Toast Peeps over Fire (be sure to rotate for best toasting)

Step 4: Smoosh Peeps in between thin mints

Step 5: Eat

I'm fairly certain that peeps have medicinal properties, although I will say that the "mint" of the thin mint over powers the tast of the peep.  I'm also left to wonedr if "Chopped" would consider using thin mints and peeps in their secret ingrediants and what the 3rd or 4th ingrediant would be.

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  1. :-) at Peeps smores :-) I still can't get myself to eat that stuff , you would think after 20 yr in the US i would get curious. Hope you feel better. XOXOXO

  2. Those peep s'mores are adorable! There's nothing the sweetness of a peep. mmm

    Also, I'm very late on this but wanted to say congrats to you both on your runs. Excellent!

    I hope you're feeling a little better by now.

  3. not down with the peep smores.... but glad you enjoyed.

    I can relate to the doctor switch. I was forced to switch by my insurance company... I am terrified and putting off the first visit for reasons similar to your own.