Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 18, 2011 - New Arrivals

Mom and Dad arrive this morning.  L and I have to hop on a train to the airport in a few minutes to pick them up and escort them to our apartment.  Then L is off to work and I will get them settled and if they are awake enough show them around our little town.  I'm really excited that they are going to be here for a few days and that we're all doing a road trip on Friday to Brugge Brussels.

What about the beastly boy?  Well I told him grandma and grandpa were coming to visist... him... of course.  I'm sure he will be beside himself with the wiggles once he sees them.  It may be over a year since he's seen them last but a dog doesn't forget two of his favorite people.

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    So cool that your folks are coming to visit! Have fun, be sure to send us all pictures!

  2. aaawww too sweet. Have fun in Brugge!! I heard is amazing!

  3. A belly rub and kiss on the snout to Ernie from one of his other favorite people. Love, Your Favorite Sister.