Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May 10, 2011 - Stupid Stupid Angry Birds

As you know our guests L and M are visiting.  Damn that L, she introduced my L to the game "Angry Birds" which means she introduced ME to Angry Birds. 

I thought this would be ok, because they downloaded the game onto my L's iPad.  So I played for a while, ok a long while, but I figured it's on L's iPad, I wont have access to it.  Yea.. not so much. 

Stupid birds, this morning I got to thinking about the damn birds and wondering "will that load to my iPod?"  Why yes, yes it does.  So now I played the free version of Angry Birds until I beat all the levels... yes in one sitting.  So now I have to play a new version, why?  Because I can't stop.  Yes, "other L" I am having bad thoughts about you right now.  Hello... I got addicted to Wii pinball in one sitting it took me 4 days to even stop thinking about it.  Now I wont be able to stop playing this damn game until I beat all its stupid levels. This is exactly why I don't get a wii or xbox or any other gaming doohickey.  I don't get caught up in much but computer games... addicting.  I know I have a problem with these things. Ugh.  Although, if I stay true to form I should finish this version of Angry Birds sometime tomorrow.  Then I am done.  Done, Done.  No more.  Stupid Birds.

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  1. Quit now before it's too late! After you think you've "beat" all the levels, then you need to go back and get 3 stars on all the levels to get all the golden eggs.

    signed - an Angry Birds widow *sigh*