Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11, 2011 – Cigars

I have yet to meet a cigar smell that I don’t detest.  Sure that seems a little extreme but second hand cigar smell reminds me of vomit.  Uncouth yes, but also true.  Some would say that I have just not experienced the scent of a truly good and “expensive” cigar.  I have certainly experience the scent of an expensive one, but alas still not a good one.  What’s brought this on?  It’s that time of year when you want to have the windows open to let the cool air into the apartment at night. (please note… no AC in Switzerland… at least none that we have encountered.)  We also have a neighbor who lives on the floor below us who enjoys a cigar in the evenings.  It would seem that his wife has relegated him to the outdoors for his evening enjoyment.  I can only assume because she does not want her apartment reeking like cigars, as evidence by his being on the balcony throughout the winter months as well.

I’m not about to ask the man not to smoke his cigars, it’s not really his fault that the smoke wafts up to our balcony and into the apartment.  However, I would really like to ask him if he could possible find a cigar that smelled like Apple Pie when you smoked it.  Apple Pie Cigars, I could get behind that scent.  Hey, even chocolate chip cookie cigars.  They’ve figured out how to scent candles, why not cigars?  Or why not scent cigars with something that actually smells NICE.

Pumpkin Pie? Cinnamon? Something other than vomit…

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1 comment:

  1. cherry cavandish (cherry pie)

    swisher sweets (apple pie)...and neither rate with smokers.

    That said, place your fan in front of the window blowing out while he smokes....