Friday, April 29, 2011

April 29, 2011 - Landscaping Swiss Style

The people living in the next building (on the 1st floor) are doing a little landscaping.  They've decided to pull up the small plot of grass and replace it... with something.  What's intriguing and I am sorry I missed this part, is that they had one of those bob cat scoop thingy's on their lawn.  Now why is that intriguing?  There isn't any way to drive the bobcat up there.  They apparently brought in a crane to place the bobcat in position and I missed it.  Worse, I missed the removal as well.  Oye.

What did I see?  Another crane like thing-a-ma-bob.. yes that is the technical term... digging out the dirt.
I can't even guess what this is costing these people but they must really want the whatever the change will be.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

April 28, 2011 – Huntress by Malinda Lo

Book Review:

I downloaded this book the other day so I would have something to read on the flight back to Switzerland.  Considering I couldn’t sleep it was a good thing I did download it.  I’ve been waiting for this book since I took the time to read her first novel “Ash”.  Now I might be a wee bit old to be reading “young adult” fantasy stories, but I never considered the “genre” when I decided to read either book.  I read Ash because it a friend recommend it and I was intrigued by the concept of a new twist on the traditional “Cinderella” story.  Let’s just say I was not disappointed. 

 Malinda Lo notes that “Huntress is set in the same world as Ash, but it takes place many centuries earlier.”


Nature is out of balance, after a difficult winter spring is showing no signs of appearing and the sun has not shown in months.  In addition, there are rumors of strange and hostile creatures appearing throughout the country.  If nature is not put back in balance the world may be destroyed.

The two heroines; Kaede and Taisin are called upon to travel to Taninli, the home of the Fairy Queen in an effort to bring the crisis to an end.  To solve the crisis, the oracle stones are cast, and Kaede and Taisin, two seventeen-year-old girls, are picked to go on a dangerous and unheard-of journey to Tanlili, the city of the Fairy Queen.  

As the girls travel to Taninli they are confronted by a series of other-worldly dangers and are forced to rely on each other to survive the attacks.   During this time we see how they as individuals grow and how their relationship changes.

This was a very good read.  I enjoy the author’s writing style and the character development.  I read a review where someone stated that they could not get invested in the characters themselves but I would have to disagree with that statement.  We get to see Kaede and Taisin grow emotionally and although things may not end exactly as the reader might want the story is good and the characters are well written.  Personally I’d like to find out what has happened to the characters five years from the end of this story.

My recommendation – read the book!  

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 27, 2011 Travel Update

Alrighty, what have I failed to tell you about?  I ran the 10K race this past Saturday, in CT, in the cold rain, with airplanes taking off and landing.  Did I mention the course was around the outside of Bradley International Airport?  It was, and it was kind of interesting running (outside the fence) at the edge of the landing strip.  From that perspective, planes land going much faster than I’ve previously felt while “on a plane”.  Of course it could just be that I run so much slower than a plane that it seems exaggerated.  Well back to the 10K, L and I went to the race and she ran the 5K.  They started both races at the same time and at the 5K turn around point I seriously contemplated turning there and heading back, but I stuck it out.  I ran 3 miles without stopping and then ran/walked the rest of the way.  Frankly I consider that a win in my book.

We flew back to Switzerland Monday evening, which means we arrived Tuesday morning.  Usually I manage to sleep a little while on this flight but that did not happen.  Needless to say I am still trying to catch up on some sleep.  I am way too old to go 24 hours without sleep.  The beastly boy was very happy to see us and even more pleased that I was too tired to give him a bath yesterday.  That just goes to prove how tired I was; hang out with a stinky dog an extra day or try for a quick nap before working.  Obviously the nap won out.  I did make up for it this morning by giving the boy a bath.  He smells much better, but I still need another nap.

I think that about covers it, nothing terribly exciting.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 19, 2011 – Tuesday Morning

As I typed that I thought “That sounds like a song” and in fact it is a song.  Actually two songs, or at least two songs that happen to be in my iTunes library on the computer in CT.

Tuesday Morning by Melissa Etheridge off the “Lucky” CD… I find it strange that I can feel disappointed by her actions when I don’t know the woman or anything about her life “in real life” yet here I am commenting.

 Tuesday Morning by Michelle Branch off the “Hotel Paper” CD

As for which I like better, they are both very different and it depends on my mood at any given moment.  This morning… Melissa wins.

Can I mention that it’s strange to be sitting at my desk working on the computer and not have the beastly boy sleeping in the room with me.  *sigh* How am I supposed to get things done if he isn’t pestering me to pet him or bringing me his toy?

 Alright – time to start the day… “I’m going to make this a good day for myself.”

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Monday, April 18, 2011

April 18, 2011 - Home

If you are reading this then you know that we made it home (CT) safe and sound over the weekend.  Our flight was delayed Saturday morning by 4 hours.  Something about equipment failure while the plan was in NYC and swapping out planes.  My particular views on this (a) better that it happened in NYC and on the ground at least this way we knew about the delay and simply delayed our heading to the airport by a couple of hours and (b) OMG that makes for an extremely long day of travel regardless.  By the time we landed in NYC it was 5:30pm EST but my body thought it was "tomorrow."

When in CT do what the natives do, that's my philosophy.  Breakfast of champions:  Diner Food.  Switzerland really needs a diner.  I'm just saying.  Quickly followed up with a mug full of Diet Dr. Pepper and a couple of pieces of Bridgewater Toffee.   If you like Toffee/Heath bars I'll just tell you this stuff is EVIL.  My sister got me a box for Christmas which we quickly put in the freezer.  I found the box yesterday evening.  The 1st layer was gone before I went to bed and the second layer will be gone before lunch.  Evil, just evil and addicting.  I love it.  Please no one ever buy me anither box... ever.

Plans for the week:
Dinner with my friend M, Lunch with H, Haircut, Dessert 1st with D, C, C, & B, Lunch with R and R, Lunch with D, Dinner with M & L. With some less fun stuff mixed in between.  Oh yeah and a 10K on Saturday; I'm a little frightened.

Happy Monday!

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Friday, April 15, 2011

April 15, 2011 - Packing

This week has flown by, and I have to admit that I am extremely excited about the trip home tomorrow.  It feels like it's been forever since we've seen everyone and I'm looking forward to seeing my immediate family and catching up on what's new.  As an added bonus we'll be home for Easter and that is my all time favorite holiday.  All the fun of Christmas, none of the stress, and PIE.   Oh and as an even extra special bonus.  Easter this year also happens to be my Mom's birthday... which makes me realize someone needs to make a cake... (Hi Sis).

I also am in desperate need of a haircut.  I can not explain how desperate this need is, I feel like I should be going to confession.  Father forgive me it has been 8 weeks since my last haircut.  Normally I can barely make it to the 4 week mark but I deliberately waited so that I could get my hair cut by the guy (Daniel) who cuts my hair exactly like I like it.  Short.  Short Short.  Really really short, and still manages to make me feel like I look like a girl.  Yes, I still think if I had the face to pull it off I could just take a clipper to my head.  I don't so that's a no.

Anyway - we head home tomorrow for a week of Family and Friends and I can't wait.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 14, 2011 - Estimated Taxes with a day to spare.

I can hear the little voice inside my head screaming…. It’s not that self-pitying wail that can occur I’m in a meeting and someone is droning on and on and I want to scream “shut up”.

It’s more that scream of relief and possibly a little fear.  I finished setting up my self-employment and estimated taxes for the state and federal governments to get paid electronicallu and more importantly automatically.  The cool thing is that at the very least my payments will all be on time and I’m fairly certain that I set the Feds up correctly.  The State of Connecticut… um, who knows?  I got lost right in the calculation worksheet right after I read the instruction:

“If the amount on Line 3 of the Tax Calculation Schedule is:  More than $20,000, but less than or equal than $1,00,0000, multiply the excess over $20,000 by .05 and add $600”

My initial reaction was, “Wow, I’d like to have the million dollar problem.”  My second reaction was “who writes these things?”  Actually I don’t really want to know.  I’m going with the flow, I have no idea what my tax implication is for 2011 because I have no idea what my taxes will actually be in 2010.  I’m sure I will know soon enough but at least everyone is getting some money and no one can complain that I didn’t give it my best shot.  I know, even I realize the ridiculousness of that statement.  It’s the IRS and The State of Connecticut saying give me your money and neither are above ridiculousness. 

Ok so, enough of that, for the moment taxes are complete.  Now I am focused on prepping for the trip to the US.  We leave Saturday and I am VERY excited.  The beastly boy, well, he’s going to camp.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 13, 2011 – Fred

Now many of you won’t recognize that name, but on April 20th of this year it will be the 5th anniversary of my breaking up with Fred. 

I actually couldn’t remember the date, I tend to associate the event with “Easter” but L reminded me of the date and then my friend D confirmed it.  She literally has it written in her calendar.

I can’t tell you when Fred and I got together, it had to have been a slow process when he just grew on me.  I can’t even tell you how long we were together.  What I can tell you was it was an unhealthy relationship and when I finally discovered just how unhealthy, drastic measures were taken.  Fred was removed from my lie with surgical precision…. literally. 

I do have a picture of Fred and I together taken just two or three weeks before our breakup, I could share but Fred, well he’s not really attractive and if I am honest, it’s not really a great picture of me either.  Well unless you are in the medical profession and enjoy looking at a 6 inch (15 cm) polyp and intestines.  Not really what you were expecting right?  LOL  But hey if you really want to see us together drop your email in the comments and I send the pic... it's in color.

5 years ago I had surgery to remove 8 inches of my intestine so that the doctors could remove Fred.  Yes I named my polyp/tumor.  Hey if he’s going to be that large he’s earned a name.  I also determined that if he should either be paying me rent or he should be evicted.  We took the eviction route as ultimately it was the better choice… Break up with Fred or get cancer.  See, look how easy that was.

I have to admit that finding Fred turned out to be amusing.  Seriously I never said my sense of humor wasn’t twisted.  I hadn’t been feeling well for almost a year and finally my doctor referred me to a GI specialist who decided to do a colonoscopy to rule out infection or the possibility of crohn’s disease.   First let me point out that the drugs they gave me for that 1st colonoscopy had to be good.  I actually asked the doctor if I was going to get a tour of my colon.  Who does that?  Oh, me.  I also remember when we ran into Fred, because I asked “What’s that???”  It still makes me laugh because the nurse quickly blocked my view.  It seems both the doctor and the nurse were a wee bit surprised to run into something quite so large in someone so young at the time (41). 

Anyway after all was said and done and I called my Mom and Dad to come get me, because someone in a non-drugged state needed to be present to hear the results and the Doc was not about to let me leave the office before I had an appointment scheduled with a surgeon.  Here’s what I clearly remember.  I remember laughing, and as soon as I got into the car (no I was not driving) calling my sister to break the good news/bad news scenario.  The Good News – I had to have surgery, the bad news she and my brother both had to schedule colonoscopies ASAP.  Ok that still makes me laugh.  They had teased me about having to have a colonoscopy and somehow this twist of fate was funny to me.  Actually it still is funny to me.

I don’t think I ever really understood the significance of the surgery; meaning that it was kind of major surgery.  I did wander around a bit periodically chanting “it’s all good.”  I will admit that the thing that worried me the most about the surgery was my night terrors.  Sure that seems counter intuitive wouldn’t I worry about being operated on?  No I was worried that the anesthesia would be like going into a dream state and that at some point either going under or coming out of anesthesia I would have a night terror and try to launch myself off a table.  I’m thinking that after having a section of your intestines removed launching yourself from anywhere would be “bad.”  When I met with my surgeon I tried to explain my concern, but (a) I have a habit of downplaying the potential seriousness of night terrors and (b) he just didn’t get it.  Which meant I had to go to plan B: go see my pulmonary doc (he’s the sleep disorder guru) and get him to talk with the surgeon.  You know what’s funny, the night terror doc gad to admit that this was a “highly unusual” situation because I am “unique.”  He’d never had a patient with night terrors need surgery and had to do some research.  Some choices were:  Keep me asleep the entire time I was in the hospital or fine an alternative medicine to get me through my night terror stage of sleep.

Into the hospital I go, Night Terror doc has consulted with the surgeon and the anesthesiologist to manage how they wake me up.  Woo Hoo!

I wake up in recovery and I know two things (a) I HURT and (b) I have to pee.  Once we got past the “I hurt” stage I could focus on the I have to pee part.  My friend D told me that there was no way that they were going to let me get up off the stretcher to go to the bathroom and so I might as well not wait until I went to my room to say anything.  Ha Ha.. she was so wrong.  They rolled me into my room and I mentioned to the nurse that I needed to use the bathroom, and she asked if I wanted to get up.  HELLO YES.  Bedpan NO, isn’t surgery enough of a humiliation?  I got up off that bed, held onto the IV pole and shuffled my way over... slowly.  From that point on I was in and out of bed on my own.  I had a lot of incentive, get up move around, get sent home sooner.  I actually don’t remember a lot about my hospital stay, once again drugs will do that.  I remember a handful of visitors.  I don’t remember talking to one of my friends who told me she spoke with me every day.  I do remember making my friend Carla come into the bathroom with me at one point.  I needed her to tell me if the spot that I saw on the floor was moving (was it a spider and should I be freaking out) or was I hallucinating.  Hallucinating.  That was a comfort.

Anyway, 3 colonoscopies and 5 years later I have a clean bill of health and am officially on the 5 year colonoscopy schedule.  Hey that’s big news and although I am happy about that I would still gladly, well maybe “gladly” is pushing it, have an annual colonoscopy than surgery again.

So Happy Anniversary to me… :D I’ll be celebrating on that day with dessert 1st with D and Carla and no I wont be asking Carla to come into the bathroom with me for old time sake.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11, 2011 – Cigars

I have yet to meet a cigar smell that I don’t detest.  Sure that seems a little extreme but second hand cigar smell reminds me of vomit.  Uncouth yes, but also true.  Some would say that I have just not experienced the scent of a truly good and “expensive” cigar.  I have certainly experience the scent of an expensive one, but alas still not a good one.  What’s brought this on?  It’s that time of year when you want to have the windows open to let the cool air into the apartment at night. (please note… no AC in Switzerland… at least none that we have encountered.)  We also have a neighbor who lives on the floor below us who enjoys a cigar in the evenings.  It would seem that his wife has relegated him to the outdoors for his evening enjoyment.  I can only assume because she does not want her apartment reeking like cigars, as evidence by his being on the balcony throughout the winter months as well.

I’m not about to ask the man not to smoke his cigars, it’s not really his fault that the smoke wafts up to our balcony and into the apartment.  However, I would really like to ask him if he could possible find a cigar that smelled like Apple Pie when you smoked it.  Apple Pie Cigars, I could get behind that scent.  Hey, even chocolate chip cookie cigars.  They’ve figured out how to scent candles, why not cigars?  Or why not scent cigars with something that actually smells NICE.

Pumpkin Pie? Cinnamon? Something other than vomit…

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Friday, April 8, 2011

April 8, 2011 – Upcoming 10K

Yesterday when I was hunting spiders and not running I realized that I only have two weeks before I am supposed to run in a 10K race.  I’m a little worried.  Yes I can run 6 point something miles… sort of… I have to walk in spots and when I am done I need a bus ride home.  *sigh*

I actually think I could run more of it if I wouldn’t mentally break down.  Right now my only goal is to run further without stopping than the last time.  What was I thinking?  So now I have to mentally toughen up in 14 days.  I’m also sort of hoping that running in a crowd of people will give me incentive to keep going.  Lord knows I don’t want to get trampled by a bunch of crazy runners.  Do they have pace cars at these things?  Maybe if they had a pace car with chocolate chip cookies hanging off the back this would be easier.

Can you tell I’m a little nervous?  Ok so here’s my goal, I want to finish the 10K in less than 1 hour 17 minutes.  How have I come up with that number?  That’s how long it has been taking me to run it in my practice runs.  So I figure if I can walk less/run more I can shave, what… 30 maybe 40 seconds off that.  LOL.  Ok fine I’ll be thrilled if I (a) Finish the race which I will do even if I walk a lot of it (b) If I finish in the same amount of time it’s been taking me here in Switzerland.

So this afternoon – I will take a short run with my neighbor and damn it no walking.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

April 7, 2011 – How to Kill A Spider

Step 1: Spot the spider

Step 2: Yelp or Scream depending on “how” the spider was spotted. 
If you round a corner and the spider is casually roaming the ceiling or wall a “yelp” would be appropriate. 

If however, said spider is dangling in front of your face a scream/expletive will do nicely.

Step 3: Is there anyone in the nearby vicinity who can kill said spider for you? 
            Yes – proceed to step 4
            No – proceed to step 5

Step 4: Have someone else kill and dispose of spider

Step 5: Once heart rate has fallen into “normal” parameters determine the size and species of said spider:
      Smaller than a pinhead and not hairy, be brave grab a paper towel.  No not a tissue you don’t want any spider guts getting through the protective barrier.  Using paper towel as an implement of death, crush said spider and immediately dispose of paper towel and spider in a trash can outside of the apartment/house.  Just in case the spider is only “knocked out” and later wakes up seeking revenge.  What?  Look at all the times Lassie was “knocked out” but managed to crawl back home.

       Well I was going to explain the rules for all the other sizes of spiders but I’ve realized that any spider that is not docile and the size of a pinhead the rules are all the same.  So:

If the spider is bigger than a pin head and smaller than a bread box (those bread box  sized spiders are brutal) your best option is an aerosol can of bug spray, actually I take that back Hornet and Wasp spray is even better because it can shoot up to 10 feet giving you plenty of room to run away from any rampaging spiders gasping out a last minute attack before death.

When I am alone this is my preferred method of killing spiders.  Death by drowning in RAID; it works.  I have had more than one bigger than a quarter spider drag its body from the puddle of raid only to be knocked back into submission by a second, third, and sometimes fourth blast.  Typically a fourth blast of raid is not required but it really depends on your own personal level of hysteria.

My least favorite method of spider killing… the shoe.    Unfortunately, that is the method I was forced to employ earlier today.  I spotted one of those small hairy kamikaze leaping spiders in the bathroom.  They are quick and devious.  Having someone else kill it was out of the question.  L is at work and the beastly boy will chase cats but has no sense of killing adventure when it comes to spiders.  So I went with plan B, the non aerosol plastic bottle of bug spray.  In this instance I think Switzerland has gone a little overboard with the environmentally correct thing.  Seriously what a little whole in the ozone layer compared to the ease and effectiveness of killing a spider?

To my utter horror I am squeezing the little pump action bottle and NOTHING is happening.  No spray… NOTHING.  I swear I hear that spider laughing.  It left me no choice I had to resort to a shoe (sneaker in this instance).  Once I have the sneaker ready in my good throwing hand.. yes I considered throwing the sneaker but then I thought about the potential sneaker mark on the wall and how would I explain that to L?  By the time this throw the sneaker/swing the sneaker debate has completed the spider has moved to the uneven surface of the bathroom tile.  Now I have no choice, I smack the spider with the shoe.  The damn thing is bionic, he takes the full impact of the shoe and makes a leap for it.  Unfortunately for him he’s landed on the twisty knob thingy that opens and closes the tub drain.  Unfortunately for me that also means I can’t whack him, but wait, your heroine has a plan… DROWN HIM.  Yes the tub has a handy dandy hand shower attachment and I can reach both that and the water pressure thing without getting near the spider.  I turn the water on high, start to sing the “Itsy bisty spider…” song (ok not really but it sounds good) and I wash him down the drain.  Oh sure I had to turn the water on high and let it run for 5 minutes just in case he had a miniature set of scuba gear on him.  I did not want him clawing his way back up the pipe.

I still don’t understand why no one in Switzerland has screens.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 6, 2011 – Rations

Oh thank God, as I was starting to write this I was desperately trying to figure out how I was going to make 4 packets of crystal light iced tea mix last until we fly home and I can purchase more.  Well hells bells they only have to last 9 days.  Ok now that I wrote that 9 days might be pushing it but I should be able to get through 5 maybe 6 days.  Hey I’m addicted,  “Hello my name is CAB and I am a crystal light Iced Tea addict.”  Sure I would be a regular iced tea addict if I was at home and had the full use of my Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker.  Doesn’t that sound weird Mr. Coffee has an Iced Tea Maker? Well he does and it makes a fine put of iced tea.   Perfect in fact and I make it decaffeinated.  Unfortunately Mr. Coffee stayed home in the US because he/she/it is not designed to handle 220volts of electricity.  Hence Crystal Light and the fully caffeinated version of CAB; if I am honest I am not sure there is much difference between the caffeinated version of me and the un-caffeinated version except for the headache withdrawal.

So I missed my blog yesterday, I will blame that on the IRS.  Why?  Well isn’t everything the IRS’ fault?  It is; but as a result of my early frustrations yesterday I was also able to display an incredible amount of self-restraint.  Say What?  Yes, really.  CAB = Self Restraint.  I was in the grocery store yesterday making an emergency buy a box of brownie mix run (no household should be without a random brownie mix) when I spotted not ONE chocolate bunny but an entire FAMILY of chocolate bunnies.  Seriously, Two adult bunnies and 3 smaller baby bunnies.  I wanted those bunnies, I still want them, because in my twisted way I just can’t help thinking about how much fun it would be to decimate an entire family of chocolate bunnies.  I could set them up on the counter, Mom and Dad could send the babies out to play when suddenly… hey where’s little choco?  He’s missing… but wait there is a trail of chocolate chips… maybe choco’s sister should go look for him….  Oh no… she’s missing now…

Yes I would slowly pick off one member of the family at a time whenever the urge or my stress levels dictate.  Although if I am honest I doubt the family would last more than a week.   Hmmmm maybe I should go back to the store and pick up that bunny family.  Hey, its an Easter thing.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011 – Calamity Jane

When I was younger my father would occasionally mention that my parents should have named me Patience.  If they had then maybe I would have some.  After this weekend I think they should have named me Grace because I certainly was lacking any evidence of gracefulness on Sunday morning. 

My neighbor Meri and I decided to take out long run in Sunday morning.  I actually made it the short distance down the complex’s brick driveway without incident.  Then it happened.  I crossed the cobblestone road and the next thing I know, my feet are no longer functioning and the road is making a rapid attempt at introducing itself to my face.  Of course instinct kicks in and I managed to put my hands out, I also somehow managed to twist myself a bit so that my well padded hip took the fall versus my knees and elbows.   It turns out some evil plastic tie wrap, like they bundle newspapers with, snuck up on me and tangled itself around my feet.  Damn plastic doohickey.   I think I took a couple of years off Meri’s life and I found out that my heart rate can jump from 80 to 145 bpm in an instant.  Yes I am weird and took note of the rate on my heart rate monitor.  It helped that the thing started beeping at me to inform me that I was not complying with the preferred “warm up” guidelines.  Polar doesn’t have a warm-up classification for “klutz.”

Surprisingly, I felt ok immediately thereafter.  Sure my hands stung a little but overall I was good so we finished the run.  Today is an entirely different story.  A sure sign that I am getting old, my wrists, hands, forearms, shoulders and hip are all tender.  Typing/working on the computer is not helping.  Have I mentioned that my job requires that I work on the computer… all day?  It’s just occurred to me that if I could sink my arms into something really cold they would potentially feel better.  Which made me think of sinking my arms into two giant tubs of ice cream; don’t ask where these images come from, it’s a gift.  I think I will have to settle for some Advil.

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Friday, April 1, 2011

April 1, 2011 - Fools

No I do not have any specific fools in mind while I'm writing this, it's more a result of the day than anything else.  In fact,  if I were not writing this post I don’t think I would be fully aware that it’s April Fools Day.  Is that just an American thing?  I might have to google that. 

As it is, I did not attempt to play any pranks today, although I did attempt to go running with my neighbor.  That in and of itself felt like a vicious prank played on me.  How is it that we have been running pretty consistently all winter and now the weather gets nice (60%) and I feel like I am falling apart when I run?  I did feel better today than yesterday but regardless I feel like my legs are made of lead.

 I’m hoping that maybe if I can start getting some biking in that will help with the running.  Plus if we actually manage to take our bikes out on the road and down the hill that would be a major accomplishment that we did not achieve last year.  Yes, I still blame fear of the downhill but I have to suck it up sometime and I think this weekend will be as good a time as any.

Oh and a side note, I liked it much better when the snails were hibernating.  It is once again that time of year (which seems to last 8 months) where I have to walk with my head tilted down watching my feet for fear of crushing a snail.  That God awful “POP/CRUNCH” sound is enough to give me the willies for days.  

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