Monday, February 22, 2010

February 22, 2010

Ok somehow in all this preparing for the "temporary relocation" to Zurich it's never connected with me that we are "moving."   Strange I admit, but all weekend, as we've seperated things from what is going to Zurich from what is getting boxed up and put in the basement and/or going to Goodwill, I've found myself saying "this feels just like moving!"

I admit not one of my brighter bulb moments, especially because that phrase keeps repeating through my head as if some part of my brain is desperately grasping for a moment of clarity where its says "Well yeah dufus, you ARE moving."

So it's 7:44am and the big truck carrying the container has been infront of the house waiting for... something since 7:15am.  The movers are supposed to arrive at 8.  Let the games begin.

I keep telling myself, just make it through today and then things will settle down.  I might be kidding myself.....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

My romantic side kicked in full gear in celebration of Saint Valentine. Yes I went all out and re-assembled the chairs for the dining room table that is coming with us to Switzerland. Hey we all have our ideas about what is romantic. ;)

Work is insane and the reality of the move has started to set in. The movers dropped off some extra boxes for us so we can separate some of the items that are NOT coming with us from the items that are going with us. We’re trying to be organized since we have been told numerous times that if the movers see it they will pack it. So a majority of this weekend was spent sorting things in the basement and moving the items that are staying to one side and the stuff that is going: bikes, outdoor furniture, storage racks to the other side. Honestly, I have been told on more than one occasion that the basement is wasted on a girl. We could roller skate in it, if we had roller skates.

The movers are scheduled to be here the 22nd and the plan is that they will pack and load everything, but if they need another day to load the carton they will come back the 23rd. Then the container gets put on a ship March 2nd, sails away and arrives in port the 22nd. They anticipate that it will take a couple weeks to make it through customs and then they can deliver everything the 7th.

Next things on the list – get through this week, finish the dogs paperwork, get copies of my medical documents, resign from my job, sign contractor paperwork, get on L’s insurance. Ohhh file taxes. Lord Knows we don’t want the IRS after us.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

February 6, 2010

I realize I have posted anything in awhile.  We've been home and basically running around trying to get things settled and ready for the move.

The apartment: We received the contract from the place we were hoping to get. Sure the contract is written completely in high German.  The gentleman helping us with the relocation translated the highlights and hopefully we're not signing anything that gives up anything important.. like the dogs.

The Move: The moving company is coming to the house on Feb 22 packing and shipping our stuff.  If everything goes according to plan our stuff will arrive is Switzerland April 7th.  We're planning on arriving the 6th.

Now comes the stressful part of going through our stuff to get it ready for total strangers to rifle through it and pack it away.  It's amazing how much stuff you find out you have, when you have to move.